Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Medical Reform

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by Morley Evans

The Canadian Medical Association announced yesterday that the entire Canadian medical system needs to be completely overhauled. The CMA is responsible for what the health system is. Should they lead the reform that is desperately needed?

I agree we need reform: The most important thing to do is declare the Canadian Medical Association and its attack dog, the Canadian Medical Protective Association, illegal and criminal. Seize their records and bank accounts. Incarcerate their officials and start an in-depth investigation. That would keep investigators busy for years. Canadian medicine looks like a secret society. Big Pharma looks like the Mafia. They both are worse. The CMA started a few months after Canada became a country. It is not merely the largest medical association in Canada, it is the only medical association in Canada. Joining is compulsory if one wants to practice medicine. Doctors must conform to whatever orthodoxy is currently in vogue or be driven out. Canadians need to establish medicine on a foundation that is consistent with doctors who have compassion for the sick and who serve the public, not themselves. Quality control requires oversight and corrections. Canada has neither feature in its medical system. The CMA is why. The airline industry would be a good model. Honesty is always the best policy. Canadian medicine is a closed shop designed to protect itself and bad doctors, whatever they do. Arrogating unto itself the role of judge and jury, the CMA has been guided for over a century by the principle that a doctor can do no harm. That notion is completely opposed to "do no harm" which has guided good doctors for over a millennia. What organized medicine does in Canada is a crime. We all pay a huge price for this.

Let's reform the Canadian medical system. Let's do it now!

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