Thursday, August 5, 2010

Letter to Minister of Health

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by Morley Evans

Subject: Medicare
Message: Dear Mr. McMorris, The Premier promised to share my letter on MS with you. I hope you have had time to consider what I told him. The Canadian Medical Association says it wants to help improve the Canadian health system. I certainly agree it needs a complete overhaul. The medical industry costs as much as everything else combined, yet it is a disgrace. More money will not help. Leaving the same people in charge as was done with the Canadian Red Cross blood services would be worse. Canadian medicine enjoys its glowing reputation (inside Canada) because its many failures go unreported. After I was tortured for eight years I almost died. It has taken me ten years to recover. I was swept under the carpet with everyone else. The doctors responsible are still practicing; they wear smug smiles. The CMA and the Canadian Medical Protective Association are directly responsible for a system that is completely unresponsive to feedback and completely out of control. It has deplorable quality as a result. The Canadian Health System is close to collapse. There is an opportunity to chart a new course.

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