Monday, January 26, 2009

ME Summary

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Dear Kiwanian,

I want you to consider the following questions about the Middle East:

What is happening? Why is it happening?

WHAT is happening?

What is happening is difficult to determine because of the thick fog — the miasma rising from the toxic swamp that has been created by the "main stream media" which informs our opinions. Yet one can see that the main program has been the destruction, dismemberment and looting of the Caliphate, from Morocco to Brunei, which has been going on ferociously since the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in 1918 and the abdication of the Sultan there in 1922. The State of "Israel" is a crusader fortress located in the heart of the Muslim world.

WHY is it happening?

The first part of the answer is that "Israel" is founded on an atheistic racist paranoiac ideology. Yet "Israel" proclaims itself to be the home of the Jewish people and the centre of the Jewish religion. Israeli leaders claim to speak for Jews. They not only do not speak for all Jews, they do not even speak for all Israelis. "Israel" and its military only speak for the Master Race which is guided by the Israeli ideology. "Israel" is a holy name of Judaism that has been appropriated by the atheists who have taken over Judaism. One day they plan to take over the world. The Palestinians are an experiment to discover how to subjugate people while training Jews to be effective slave-masters. "Israel" is the psycho nation.

The second part of the answer is that the United States is founded on the premise of "peace through strength" and its corollary "right through might" — which always becomes "might makes right" for its believers. The United States has been running a worldwide empire since 1945, when it officially replaced the British Empire as the world hegemon. The United States spends more on war than everyone else on earth combined. The United States power centres are the Pentagon, Wall Street, war contractors, and big oil. Washington serves them first and last, while sometimes throwing a bone to The People. Cutting through the propaganda about freedom and democracy, it is clear that one day Washington wants to take over the world completely, but its ambitions have always been frustrated by people who will just not co-operate. Of course, having enemies, endless enemies, is necessary too when war is an integral part of one's program.

Who is using whom — Washington or Tel Aviv — is sometimes hard to determine. Does the tail wag the dog? Ariel Sharon thought it did. Maybe he was right. Maybe it does. It doesn't matter. What is going on in the Middle East is nothing more than a grab for power and loot. It is the same old story, so wise up.

This has been going on for as long as there have been people. It has nothing to do with spreading Christianity, civilization, democracy, or improving the lives of children and women. It has nothing to do with defending ourselves from someone or something — those are all bogymen conjured to dupe the suckers (that's us). It is the age-old story of a small group of greedy bastards duping others to get them to go off to invade someone else's country and steal their stuff. It most certainly has absolutely nothing to do with building a fortress where Jews can find refuge from another Holocaust (which Zionists helped to facilitate and from which they have been the sole beneficiaries). The Jews had a refuge for millennia in the Muslim world before the Zionists destroyed it so they could have the state they call "Israel".


Relax. Things that can't go on forever, don't go on forever — even if they go on for several centuries.

The prolifigacy of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld and the neocons, has squandered America's goodwill and treasure. It has lead directly to the worldwide financial meltdown. U.S. hegemony has already come to an end — nobody believes them anymore. Just as Cuba had to go it alone when the Soviet Union dissolved, "Israel" will be on it's own soon too. Obama will not be able to save "Israel" or the empire even if he starts world war three — which the rest of us want to prevent.

Listen to the pundits yammer on Sunday morning TV:

... a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. - MACBETH, Act V, Scene 5

- Morley

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

GAZA Reflection For OBAMA

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Dear President Obama,

Please give this matter TOP PRIORITY in your first week as President of the United States.

For the Christmas season of 2008, we were treated to yet another spectacle from the Holy Land as the crusader fortress known as the state of Israel carried out its latest campaign against the Palestinians.

Bear in mind that the Palestinians never had, and do not now have, an army, air force, navy -- or money -- while the Israelis have the best of everything their patron, the United States of America, can provide.

Cause and effect are used to justify actions: "He hit me first. I was only defending myself." The largely ineffectual homemade rockets launched from Gaza are being used to justify more wholesale bombing, which has killed hundreds more Palestinians and destroyed more property in Gaza.

Gaza has been sealed off by Israel for years and its people have been starving as they have endured bombing, "surgical strikes", sonic booms, incursions and Israeli snipers. "Israel has the right to defend itself," some say. Don't the Palestinians have a right to try to defend themselves? Who hit whom first? The simple fact is that Israel is a colonial project that has been carved out of Palestine over the last 130 years. Palestine has been owned by Palestinians since time immemorial -- regardless of any claptrap one tries to make out of Genesis.

Egypt is a vassal of the United States, as are Jordan and Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Emirates and Iraq (where the empire is currently having a spot of bother with its subjects). Lebanon is caught betwixt and between. Iran is preparing to be invaded by the empire. Afghanistan has already been invaded by the empire.

Nuclear war between Pakistan and India (which is currently an ally of Israel and the United States) is in the offing. The rest of the Muslim world sits quietly, hoping to avoid another U.S./Israel attack. That is why people in those countries are outraged by the complicity of their own governments in the ongoing persecution and destruction of the Palestinians.

You promised CHANGE during your election campaign. Let's hope it is change for the better. Good Luck!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ethnic Cleansing in Palestine

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The Zionists in Palestine have been getting away with murder since the Ottoman Empire was destroyed with the First World War. Before that, their activities were curbed by the Ottomans.

During the Balfour Declaration/League of Nations Mandate period, the British were just not as co-operative as the Zionists could have wished. But things really took off for them after the Second World War.

They were Free.

They could now commit murder with impunity. Their new patrons, the members of the U.S. Congress and the U.S. President, would even help them murder, rape, torture and steal by providing boodles of cash and by covering things up at the United Nations. The U.S. media would be an incredibly efficient propaganda organ for the new State of Israel too. That is what "independence" and "freedom" mean to Zionists. Their maniacal megalomania was free at last.

Free at last! It is all in Exodus, they claimed: They are God's Chosen People, the Master Race.

At 130 years and counting, Palestine is the worst, longest running, human rights disaster in history. Think about all the things that have happened during the period 1878 to 2008.

A few such things are: the Spanish American War; the Boer War (1 and 2); the Russo-Japanese War; the Great War (WW I); the Armenian Genocide; the Russian Revolution; ethnic cleansing of Germans in eastern Europe; the Second World War (WW II); the division of India and Pakistan; the Chinese Revolution; the Korean War; the War in Vietnam, Biafra, Bosnia, and Rawanda. Millions have been killed in wars and ethnic cleansing related to forceable relocation and extermination. Yet all of these disasters started and ended in a few months or in a few years. The Second World War, which was the greatest bloodbath in history, lasted six years and ended over sixty-three years ago. WW II was a holocaust that included the Holocaust.

The first Zionist colony was established by the Rothschilds in Palestine in 1878. The colonists have always intended to remove the Palestinians — replacing them with Jews who were also Zionists. Zionism is an atheistic racist-paranoiac ideology. Like gangrene, Zionism has destroyed Palestine, killing and dispossessing Palestinians decade after decade while it has subsumed the Jewish religion itself. Today, all that is left of Palestine is the West Bank and Gaza. They have been occupied and under siege for years. Gaza may be gone soon, with its people either killed or removed. That has been the remorseless and vicious Zionist plan for 130 years.

It has nothing to do with you?

Are you a member of the Master Race? No? Then you, yourself, are on the list along with the Palestinians, Lebanese, Syrians. . . . You might not be next, but they are patient. Your time, or your children's time, will come unless they are stopped.

Our attention in the West has been diverted to the hundreds of other human rights crises around the world. We worry about Darfur and Myanmar. We worry about "global warming" and the golden toad. We don't consider Palestine. The media, which favours the Zionist point of view, and is owned by Zionists and their friends, is largely responsible for the general ignorance about the subject.

Why does this matter to Christians? Palestine is the Holy Land. Palestine is the home of the Bible and the birthplace of Jesus. Palestinians were the original Christians. Palestine is the home of the original Christian churches. Christians are pledged to love: Christians cannot sit idly and condone torture and murder on a vast scale. Christians have a duty to stand up for what is right and to struggle against evil.

The most vigourous defenders of Palestine and its peoples (Muslims, Christians, Druze and Jews) are Jews who are not Zionists, bless them. Muslims? Ha! We don't listen to anything they say. Christians? Where are you? You have aligned yourself with Zionists. You either follow Pastor Hagee and his ilk or you are silent. You are following in the footsteps of the crusaders. Only "public opinion" restrains this evil. If you don't care, you are responsible for what happens.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gaza Invasion 2008-09

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Dear Archbishop Hiltz,

I pray for the people of Palestine and Israel. I pray for the Palestinian fighters who have no chance at all against the IDF war machine, whatever brave words they are saying — the Palestinian fighters are brave. Unlike Hezbollah, they have no chance, barring a miracle. They are freedom fighters. Like Davy Crockett, they are prepared to die fighting.

I pray for the soldiers of the IDF (Israel Defence Force) and the military junta which runs the State of Israel, for, unless they realize what they are doing and repent, they are all doomed to burn in the eternal fires of Hell for what they do now and for what they have done in the past. Most of them are misguided. Some have doubts.

I am pleased that you don't avoid issues. Still, I find your statement (below) is mealy-mouthed: "I urge resumption of diplomatic negotiations as the means of reconciling the historic tensions between the peoples of Israel and Palestine."

There has never been any parity what-so-ever at any time in 130 years between the Zionists in Palestine and their victims, the indigenous peoples of Palestine: Muslims, Christians, Duze and Jews. It has always been as lopsided as the "conflict" between native American Indians and the U.S. Army. To imply something else is to totally misunderstand and misrepresent the situation and play into the hands of The State of "Israel".

Diplomatic negotiations are not required. What is required is for the Archbishop to emphatically demand that the so-called State of "Israel" IMMEDIATELY cease and desist its aggression. That is exactly what many Jewish neighbours of Gaza have been urging, despite the ineffectual Palestinian rockets that drop on them periodically. Their petition states that they do not support any more military action against Gaza. "We are cousins. We should be helping each other," a Jewish woman, who is a peace activist, said on CTV the other night.

The years-long Israeli siege of Gaza must end IMMEDIATELY. Aid must be allowed to relieve the suffering there — food, water, medicine, clothing, shelter. Gaza is like the Warsaw Ghetto that was destroyed by the Wehrmacht in 1943. But Gaza is much larger and there are many more people. Gaza and the West Bank are the only remnants left of Palestine today. What "Israel" has destroyed must be rebuilt by "Israel" and its sponsors.

The support that The State of "Israel" gets from Canada, Great Britain and mostly the United States is what allows this monstrosity to go on year after year, decade after decade. We are responsible. The Israeli state will never give up its evil ways as long as it rides on Washington's gravy train. The State of "Israel" gets over half of everything the United States gives to all foreign countries. The State of "Israel" uses American money to build its military that it uses to oppress the Palestinians and intimidate its neighbours. That is what must stop if there is to be peace in the Middle East.

My friend, Jennifer Loewenstein, from Madison, Wisconsin, left for Beirut this morning. May God keep her safe. This is her most recent column:

I pray for peace. I pray for Justice. Knowing that perfect peace and justice exist only in the beyond, we can do much better than we have been doing in the here and now.

You will be called an anti-Semite if you dare to speak out against The State of "Israel". That won't work anymore. The Palestinians are Semites. They are also people like us: the children of God. The so-called State of "Israel" does not speak for all Jews. The State of "Israel" doesn't even speak for all Israelis.

- Morley Evans

Primate calls for end to violence in Gaza

January 5, 2009 -- Archbishop Fred Hiltz, Primate of the Anglican
Church of Canada, has issued the following statement on the current
situation in Gaza.

It is with a great deal of sadness and alarm that the world has
observed, over the past 10 days, an appalling escalation of violence
in Gaza. There has been loss of life and many of those slain,
according to news reports, have been civilians, including many women
and children.

I join other leaders of churches and leaders of many of the nations
who have called for an immediate cessation to the horrific violence. I
urge resumption of diplomatic negotiations as the means of reconciling
the historic tensions between the peoples of Israel and Palestine. I
issue this statement in the name of him whose birth the church is
celebrating in this holy season of Christmas and Epiphany, Jesus
Christ, the Prince of Peace.

I call on all Anglicans from coast to coast to coast to pray with
special intention for the peoples of Palestine and Israel at this
time. I commend the prayer for peace in the world as found in the Book
of Common Prayer:

Almighty God, from whom all thoughts of truth and peace proceed:
Kindle, we pray thee, in the hearts of all people the true love of
peace, and guide with thy pure and peaceable wisdom those who take
counsel for the nations of the earth; that in tranquility thy kingdom
may go forward, till the earth is filled with the knowledge of thy
love; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Some Defenders of Peace and Justice