Tuesday, January 20, 2009

GAZA Reflection For OBAMA

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Dear President Obama,

Please give this matter TOP PRIORITY in your first week as President of the United States.

For the Christmas season of 2008, we were treated to yet another spectacle from the Holy Land as the crusader fortress known as the state of Israel carried out its latest campaign against the Palestinians.

Bear in mind that the Palestinians never had, and do not now have, an army, air force, navy -- or money -- while the Israelis have the best of everything their patron, the United States of America, can provide.

Cause and effect are used to justify actions: "He hit me first. I was only defending myself." The largely ineffectual homemade rockets launched from Gaza are being used to justify more wholesale bombing, which has killed hundreds more Palestinians and destroyed more property in Gaza.

Gaza has been sealed off by Israel for years and its people have been starving as they have endured bombing, "surgical strikes", sonic booms, incursions and Israeli snipers. "Israel has the right to defend itself," some say. Don't the Palestinians have a right to try to defend themselves? Who hit whom first? The simple fact is that Israel is a colonial project that has been carved out of Palestine over the last 130 years. Palestine has been owned by Palestinians since time immemorial -- regardless of any claptrap one tries to make out of Genesis.

Egypt is a vassal of the United States, as are Jordan and Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Emirates and Iraq (where the empire is currently having a spot of bother with its subjects). Lebanon is caught betwixt and between. Iran is preparing to be invaded by the empire. Afghanistan has already been invaded by the empire.

Nuclear war between Pakistan and India (which is currently an ally of Israel and the United States) is in the offing. The rest of the Muslim world sits quietly, hoping to avoid another U.S./Israel attack. That is why people in those countries are outraged by the complicity of their own governments in the ongoing persecution and destruction of the Palestinians.

You promised CHANGE during your election campaign. Let's hope it is change for the better. Good Luck!

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