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Gaza Invasion 2008-09

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Dear Archbishop Hiltz,

I pray for the people of Palestine and Israel. I pray for the Palestinian fighters who have no chance at all against the IDF war machine, whatever brave words they are saying — the Palestinian fighters are brave. Unlike Hezbollah, they have no chance, barring a miracle. They are freedom fighters. Like Davy Crockett, they are prepared to die fighting.

I pray for the soldiers of the IDF (Israel Defence Force) and the military junta which runs the State of Israel, for, unless they realize what they are doing and repent, they are all doomed to burn in the eternal fires of Hell for what they do now and for what they have done in the past. Most of them are misguided. Some have doubts.

I am pleased that you don't avoid issues. Still, I find your statement (below) is mealy-mouthed: "I urge resumption of diplomatic negotiations as the means of reconciling the historic tensions between the peoples of Israel and Palestine."

There has never been any parity what-so-ever at any time in 130 years between the Zionists in Palestine and their victims, the indigenous peoples of Palestine: Muslims, Christians, Duze and Jews. It has always been as lopsided as the "conflict" between native American Indians and the U.S. Army. To imply something else is to totally misunderstand and misrepresent the situation and play into the hands of The State of "Israel".

Diplomatic negotiations are not required. What is required is for the Archbishop to emphatically demand that the so-called State of "Israel" IMMEDIATELY cease and desist its aggression. That is exactly what many Jewish neighbours of Gaza have been urging, despite the ineffectual Palestinian rockets that drop on them periodically. Their petition states that they do not support any more military action against Gaza. "We are cousins. We should be helping each other," a Jewish woman, who is a peace activist, said on CTV the other night.

The years-long Israeli siege of Gaza must end IMMEDIATELY. Aid must be allowed to relieve the suffering there — food, water, medicine, clothing, shelter. Gaza is like the Warsaw Ghetto that was destroyed by the Wehrmacht in 1943. But Gaza is much larger and there are many more people. Gaza and the West Bank are the only remnants left of Palestine today. What "Israel" has destroyed must be rebuilt by "Israel" and its sponsors.

The support that The State of "Israel" gets from Canada, Great Britain and mostly the United States is what allows this monstrosity to go on year after year, decade after decade. We are responsible. The Israeli state will never give up its evil ways as long as it rides on Washington's gravy train. The State of "Israel" gets over half of everything the United States gives to all foreign countries. The State of "Israel" uses American money to build its military that it uses to oppress the Palestinians and intimidate its neighbours. That is what must stop if there is to be peace in the Middle East.

My friend, Jennifer Loewenstein, from Madison, Wisconsin, left for Beirut this morning. May God keep her safe. This is her most recent column:

I pray for peace. I pray for Justice. Knowing that perfect peace and justice exist only in the beyond, we can do much better than we have been doing in the here and now.

You will be called an anti-Semite if you dare to speak out against The State of "Israel". That won't work anymore. The Palestinians are Semites. They are also people like us: the children of God. The so-called State of "Israel" does not speak for all Jews. The State of "Israel" doesn't even speak for all Israelis.

- Morley Evans

Primate calls for end to violence in Gaza

January 5, 2009 -- Archbishop Fred Hiltz, Primate of the Anglican
Church of Canada, has issued the following statement on the current
situation in Gaza.

It is with a great deal of sadness and alarm that the world has
observed, over the past 10 days, an appalling escalation of violence
in Gaza. There has been loss of life and many of those slain,
according to news reports, have been civilians, including many women
and children.

I join other leaders of churches and leaders of many of the nations
who have called for an immediate cessation to the horrific violence. I
urge resumption of diplomatic negotiations as the means of reconciling
the historic tensions between the peoples of Israel and Palestine. I
issue this statement in the name of him whose birth the church is
celebrating in this holy season of Christmas and Epiphany, Jesus
Christ, the Prince of Peace.

I call on all Anglicans from coast to coast to coast to pray with
special intention for the peoples of Palestine and Israel at this
time. I commend the prayer for peace in the world as found in the Book
of Common Prayer:

Almighty God, from whom all thoughts of truth and peace proceed:
Kindle, we pray thee, in the hearts of all people the true love of
peace, and guide with thy pure and peaceable wisdom those who take
counsel for the nations of the earth; that in tranquility thy kingdom
may go forward, till the earth is filled with the knowledge of thy
love; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Some Defenders of Peace and Justice

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