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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Middle East and US

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Wars in the Middle East are caused by us, or U.S. We are the cause.

People have to change their ideas here to change what happens there. Our "leaders" must be shut down. They must be put out of business. This will not be easy, but it is not impossible either. It will result from education as well as through globalization and the world wide financial meltdown. All three factors are running ahead at full speed right now.

Education changes minds and brings about a change of heart. Globalization and the world wide financial meltdown will remove the economic advantages we have always enjoyed. Like it or not, we will change because one must be nice to one's customers or one will have no customers and one will be poor. Poor people can do less mischief even if they want to continue making trouble.

Poor people cause lots of trouble, you say? Poor people did not build the atom bomb and drop it on the Japanese. We did.

Our political system requires enemies. Muslim countries are merely the enemy of the moment. Tomorrow it will be the Chinese. Then it will be somebody else. The Russians are always handy and they have all those thermonuclear weapons pointed at US. The Russians could really harm us whereas the Afghans and North Koreans cannot. The Japanese once were our friends. (They opened their doors after Commodore Perry intimidated them with gunboat diplomacy and the Shogun abdicated.) The Japanese were our allies during WW I. Then the Japanese were our enemies 21 years later in WW II. The Japanese have been our friends again for the last 61 years after we bombed them into the stone age. Our list of enemies includes everyone and goes back at least a thousand years. Most of the time our enemy was France. They were bad, those Frenchmen.

The way people think here in the Anglo-American empire has not changed for centuries. "We are good. They are bad. We have to defend ourselves. We are patriotic and do what our government tells us to do." But what we think will change — and soon.

Monday, August 24, 2009

U.S. Oil Imports

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Most (61% in December 2008) of U.S. Oil imports come from the western hemisphere according to the U.S. Government: mainly Canada, Venezuela and Mexico with some from Brazil. Next come Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Angola and Russia. To look at things differently from the usual spin, 83% of imported oil does not come from the Middle East where we are always "at war to protect our vital interests." Only Saudi Arabia provided oil to the U.S. then — nobody else in the Middle East did. What vital interests?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Military Spending

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The United States spends almost as much on war (which has been called "defense" since WW II) as everyone else on earth combined. U.S. allies spend an additional quarter, so the Empire accounts for almost 3/4 of all military spending. Yet, people believe the United States strives for peace, that it was founded on the Declaration of Independence, is opposed to empires and war, and generally stands up for the little guy. This general belief trumpets the success over the years of the World Wide Mind Control System which has convinced the aggressors (that's us, or U.S.) that we are the good guys.

Most people are dupes. People like Cheney and Rumsfeld may be very nasty but even they think they are doing the right thing. Even when we have recognized that bad things have been done, we reconcile ourselves with platitudes such as: "We had good intentions;" or "There are always a few bad apples;" or "They were even worse than we were. What we did was necessary to save the world from them."

It is time to stop deluding ourselves. It is time to wake up.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

World's Oil Consumers

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The United States consumes one quarter of the world's oil. Oil is the most important strategic resource. Oil is extremely useful. In fact, the foundation of the world's economy in our Age is oil. Oil is used for everything, not just to fuel cars. That is why the U.S. Empire is compelled to control oil. Oil is power. We can also see what is going on by looking at these graphs. Foreign policy has nothing to do with defence, or spreading democracy or human rights. These are smoke screens to hide naked aggression, exploitation and colonization of defenceless people. We are told they are the enemy: they who dare to defy us.

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World's Oil Companies

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This graph clearly indicates who owns and produces the world's oil. It also indicates why it is necessary for the world's hegemon and largest consumer of oil (that's us, or U.S.) to hold a gun at their heads. Of the largest producers, only Iran is not completely dominated by the United States. When Iraq's Saddam got uppity he had to be killed and Iraq had to be destroyed as an example to the others. "If you don't stay in line, see what happens?"

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Empire

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Since most people believe the United States was founded upon the premise of liberty when it defeated the British Empire to win its independence, it is hard to come to grips with the concept that the United States of America is, and has always been, an empire despite what most people believed. The United States is opposed to empires, except its own empire. The United States was founded upon the aspiration to be an empire that would surpass the British Empire. It has relentlessly pursued this ambition since it began. Please consider the Declaration of Independence as mere window dressing. The facts do not lie. Look and see what was done not what people said they were doing. Everyone has been mislead from the beginning — from 1776 and before.

Among other things, the United States is obsessed with controlling oil, worldwide. This policy continues the strategic initiative of the British Empire when it was decided in the late 1800s that oil from Persia would replace coal from Wales to fuel the Royal Navy. Iran is important to the United States because the Islamic Republic of Iran blocks easy exports of oil from the Caspian Sea. The United States has always gotten most of its imported oil from Canada, Mexico and Venezuela, not from this region. The only vital U.S. interest involved is U.S. power and Washington's compulsion to dominate the world. Running the world has nothing to do with defence or putting gas in your car and heating you home. The empire imperils everyone, not merely the designated enemy of the moment.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Conspiracy

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Has The Conspiracy failed? I think it has. On the other hand, it could be working as planned. I'll grant you that possibility.

However, WW II and The Great Victory of '45 should have settled everything for the Empire. (That's us, or U.S.) The War itself was universally accepted as having been absolutely necessary to defeat evil. With evil defeated, good things would follow: The United Nations was set up in San Francisco and headquartered in New York City where disputes would be settled peacefully forevermore. Unfortunately, the Korean War immediately put the lie to that and evil was back in business. (Who was evil we may ask now?) The U.N. just didn't work out. All those nasty corrupt little countries wouldn't be dominated by the Empire. (That's us, or U.S.) When we dropped the bomb on Hiroshima, we had the super bomb. That would mean that peace would unfold forevermore because we could flatten anyone who stepped out of line. Then, right away, those evil Russians had their own super bomb. So Edward Teller created the super duper bomb for U.S. good guys. But the Ruskies had their own super duper only a couple of years later. After The Great Victory, the financial geniuses, Harry Dexter White and Lord John Maynard Keynes, created a shiny new world money system with New York finance firmly in charge of the world's money. What could be better? It replaced the old British money system in London that had dominated the world before WW I. But that started to go wrong as soon as it was set up too. The evidence of this was provided when Nixon closed the gold window in 1973. The U.S. enjoyed unprecedented domination of business and industry after the War. But that too was short-lived. Germany and Japan, which we razed to the ground during the War, are now ahead of us in the Empire. AND IT HAPPENED BECAUSE OUR OWN CITIZENS PREFERRED CHEAPER AND BETTER FOREIGN STUFF TO WHAT OUR OWN PEOPLE PRODUCED. Traitors. (Our people were so proud that we had "the world's highest paid industrial workers." Remember?) Today, two large countries that we had colonized, China and India, are roaring ahead. They have over 2 billion people between them. Africa and South America are looming to boom. The Russians are doing all right and they still have all those thermonuclear weapons pointed at U.S. The financial system has collapsed worse than 1929; we haven't actually won a war since The Great Victory; our political system is a disgrace and is controlled by the psychos who run the so-called State of "Israel" not by our own citizens; and small backward countries like Afghanistan continue to defeat "the most powerful military the world has ever known." YES, BUT THE EMPIRE CAN KILL EVERYONE! So?

Finally, the total domination of what people think has failed. The World Wide Mind Control System which involves the press, radio, TV, publishing, Hollywood, the schools and universities, advertising and polling which used to mould public opinion has LOST ITS GRIP thanks to the Internet and a burgeoning information market — 500 channels and millions of websites.

WE CONTROLLED ALL THE SEATS OF POWER: the military, espionage, manufacturing and commerce, money and banking, politics, the world government we had set up, the new sciences of public relations and psychiatry and the minds of our citizen-robots who were our tools and always eager to do our bidding, even when that meant going to far off lands to kill innocent people and steal their stuff. YET IT HAS ALL COME TO NOTHING.

The Conspiracy looks like a total failure to me at this time. We'll have to wait to see what happens.


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Everything else fades, but love remains brilliant. - Morley

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Who Killed JFK?

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Lots of people have given their answers to this question. Most of these ideas are whacky. Most of them are disinformation and can be ignored. Why should you consider my answer and not the others? You should consider it because it is the most probable, by a wide margin.

Cicero asked the question: Cui bono? Who benefits? We must ask who benefited most from John F. Kennedy's untimely and tragic demise in Dallas that 22 November 1963.

Who benefited most? It was not Fidel Castro, Nikita Khrushchev, Sam Giancana, Jimmy Hoffa, Lee Harvey Oswald, or the man in the moon. It was someone else.

There is only one person who best fits the bill. He was very jealous of JKF. And he didn't much like the brothers Kennedy either, although he did like the First Lady quite a lot. He was an infamous womanizer, just like the Kennedys. He had a checkered past that some say involved murder to advance his political career. He was a master manipulator. He was the best friend that Israel ever had — even better than Harry Truman. Rumours are that he gave the Israelis nuclear weapons after the 6-Day War which had all been arranged for the Israelis by U.S. intelligence. He gave up to Israel its attack on the U.S.S. Liberty, a spy ship stationed off the Egyptian coast at that time. He controlled the investigation of the Kennedy assassination. He would have known James Angleton, the head of counter-intelligence before and after the assassination. He got all the perquisites of power after the assassination. He became known by a name which rhymes with JFK, the man whose life he stole. He was so bad that he was eventually totally disowned by the Democratic Party (which then worked to blame everything that was wrong with the United States on Richard Nixon. Nixon worked hard to help them.)

James Jesus Angleton, who was the head of counter-espionage at the CIA, arranged everything for the prime suspect. Angleton created a mystery that could never be unravelled. Angleton knew the Israelis because Angleton had created Mossad for them a few years before. Security was relaxed in Dallas by someone with authority to do it. The route was changed at the last minute. Who were the shooters on the grassy knoll? There were some. They weren't the Mafia, or the Russians, or the Cubans. Who assassinates by sniper? Who was Jack Ruby, AKA Jacob Rubenstein?

The CIA was up to its neck in the assassination. The head atop that neck was Angleton. All the other hypotheses are disinformation. They exist to conceal what happened. The only man who benefited most was Lyndon Baines Johnson. He was the master of master manipulators. He was the man who could arrange everything. No one would dare accuse him. It would have been unthinkable, unimaginable. It was the perfect crime.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Viva Palestina 2009

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Viva Palestina has been organized by the British MP, George Galloway, to bring relief to the 1.5 million Palestinians who have been besieged for years in Gaza by Israel. Mysteriously, the Egyptian army seems to co-operate with the Israelis instead of helping their brethren.

It is not a mystery at all. It is the result of the Empire's politics. (The Empire? That's us.) Gamal Abdel Nasser was a big problem for the Empire and for Israel. Nasser was organizing the Arabs to fight for their rights. He had nationalized the Suez Canal. He was cozy with the Russians. So President LBJ helped the Israelis win the 6-Day War which destroyed Nasser and the pan Arab movement. The Israelis got nuclear weapons as a reward. How LBJ came to power is worth considering again: Did this happen? Kennedy was assassinated by a sniper(s). The Mafia, who are usually implicated in the Kennedy assassination conspiracy, don't use snipers. But the Israelis, who are never mentioned, are infamous for their assassinations by snipers. Nasser was replaced with Anwar Sadat who was a long-standing CIA asset. Sadat made peace with Israel and Egypt became the recipient of billions of dollars from Uncle Sam which has mostly been used to buy weapons from U.S. defence contractors. So Egypt's government became a client of the Empire (that's us). After Sadat was assassinated by "militants" while Sadat presided over a national military celebration, the current Egyptian leader, Hosni Mubarak, came to power. He looks like a tough guy, and he is a tough guy, but he too is working for Uncle Sam and Israel. And that is a quick lesson in Imperial politics (that's us).

William Blum publishes his own web sight and writes books critical of U.S. foreign policy. Here is a page Pay special attention to the list of democratically-elected governments that have been replaced by the Empire. (The Empire? That's us. We are the good guys. Remember?)

James Jesus Angleton

Life is interesting.

- Morley