Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Conspiracy

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Has The Conspiracy failed? I think it has. On the other hand, it could be working as planned. I'll grant you that possibility.

However, WW II and The Great Victory of '45 should have settled everything for the Empire. (That's us, or U.S.) The War itself was universally accepted as having been absolutely necessary to defeat evil. With evil defeated, good things would follow: The United Nations was set up in San Francisco and headquartered in New York City where disputes would be settled peacefully forevermore. Unfortunately, the Korean War immediately put the lie to that and evil was back in business. (Who was evil we may ask now?) The U.N. just didn't work out. All those nasty corrupt little countries wouldn't be dominated by the Empire. (That's us, or U.S.) When we dropped the bomb on Hiroshima, we had the super bomb. That would mean that peace would unfold forevermore because we could flatten anyone who stepped out of line. Then, right away, those evil Russians had their own super bomb. So Edward Teller created the super duper bomb for U.S. good guys. But the Ruskies had their own super duper only a couple of years later. After The Great Victory, the financial geniuses, Harry Dexter White and Lord John Maynard Keynes, created a shiny new world money system with New York finance firmly in charge of the world's money. What could be better? It replaced the old British money system in London that had dominated the world before WW I. But that started to go wrong as soon as it was set up too. The evidence of this was provided when Nixon closed the gold window in 1973. The U.S. enjoyed unprecedented domination of business and industry after the War. But that too was short-lived. Germany and Japan, which we razed to the ground during the War, are now ahead of us in the Empire. AND IT HAPPENED BECAUSE OUR OWN CITIZENS PREFERRED CHEAPER AND BETTER FOREIGN STUFF TO WHAT OUR OWN PEOPLE PRODUCED. Traitors. (Our people were so proud that we had "the world's highest paid industrial workers." Remember?) Today, two large countries that we had colonized, China and India, are roaring ahead. They have over 2 billion people between them. Africa and South America are looming to boom. The Russians are doing all right and they still have all those thermonuclear weapons pointed at U.S. The financial system has collapsed worse than 1929; we haven't actually won a war since The Great Victory; our political system is a disgrace and is controlled by the psychos who run the so-called State of "Israel" not by our own citizens; and small backward countries like Afghanistan continue to defeat "the most powerful military the world has ever known." YES, BUT THE EMPIRE CAN KILL EVERYONE! So?

Finally, the total domination of what people think has failed. The World Wide Mind Control System which involves the press, radio, TV, publishing, Hollywood, the schools and universities, advertising and polling which used to mould public opinion has LOST ITS GRIP thanks to the Internet and a burgeoning information market — 500 channels and millions of websites.

WE CONTROLLED ALL THE SEATS OF POWER: the military, espionage, manufacturing and commerce, money and banking, politics, the world government we had set up, the new sciences of public relations and psychiatry and the minds of our citizen-robots who were our tools and always eager to do our bidding, even when that meant going to far off lands to kill innocent people and steal their stuff. YET IT HAS ALL COME TO NOTHING.

The Conspiracy looks like a total failure to me at this time. We'll have to wait to see what happens.

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