Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Middle East and US

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Wars in the Middle East are caused by us, or U.S. We are the cause.

People have to change their ideas here to change what happens there. Our "leaders" must be shut down. They must be put out of business. This will not be easy, but it is not impossible either. It will result from education as well as through globalization and the world wide financial meltdown. All three factors are running ahead at full speed right now.

Education changes minds and brings about a change of heart. Globalization and the world wide financial meltdown will remove the economic advantages we have always enjoyed. Like it or not, we will change because one must be nice to one's customers or one will have no customers and one will be poor. Poor people can do less mischief even if they want to continue making trouble.

Poor people cause lots of trouble, you say? Poor people did not build the atom bomb and drop it on the Japanese. We did.

Our political system requires enemies. Muslim countries are merely the enemy of the moment. Tomorrow it will be the Chinese. Then it will be somebody else. The Russians are always handy and they have all those thermonuclear weapons pointed at US. The Russians could really harm us whereas the Afghans and North Koreans cannot. The Japanese once were our friends. (They opened their doors after Commodore Perry intimidated them with gunboat diplomacy and the Shogun abdicated.) The Japanese were our allies during WW I. Then the Japanese were our enemies 21 years later in WW II. The Japanese have been our friends again for the last 61 years after we bombed them into the stone age. Our list of enemies includes everyone and goes back at least a thousand years. Most of the time our enemy was France. They were bad, those Frenchmen.

The way people think here in the Anglo-American empire has not changed for centuries. "We are good. They are bad. We have to defend ourselves. We are patriotic and do what our government tells us to do." But what we think will change — and soon.

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