Sunday, August 23, 2009

Military Spending

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The United States spends almost as much on war (which has been called "defense" since WW II) as everyone else on earth combined. U.S. allies spend an additional quarter, so the Empire accounts for almost 3/4 of all military spending. Yet, people believe the United States strives for peace, that it was founded on the Declaration of Independence, is opposed to empires and war, and generally stands up for the little guy. This general belief trumpets the success over the years of the World Wide Mind Control System which has convinced the aggressors (that's us, or U.S.) that we are the good guys.

Most people are dupes. People like Cheney and Rumsfeld may be very nasty but even they think they are doing the right thing. Even when we have recognized that bad things have been done, we reconcile ourselves with platitudes such as: "We had good intentions;" or "There are always a few bad apples;" or "They were even worse than we were. What we did was necessary to save the world from them."

It is time to stop deluding ourselves. It is time to wake up.

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