Sunday, October 18, 2009

Do You Feel Lucky?

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Below, is a link to the essay I wrote and published yesterday entitled "Our Friend, Cholesterol". Although what happened to me is important to me, I understand when few others want to know about my story. They simply don't want to know about it. What happened to me challenges core beliefs. It just could not be true, they think. But it is true:

If you read on, thank you for your interest.

Simply put, I was tortured for 8 years; then I was in a coma and would have died but for Dr. Buwembo, the neurosurgeon; then I spent 10 years slowly recovering with sanctuary provided by my sister. Chronic transient pain stopped about a year ago and I started to make progress. I am pretty new: I am about one year old. I was saved from death at the hands of doctors by other doctors — twice. I didn't discover what was wrong with me until September 2001. I was saved for a reason. I have a mission, unlike established medicine, which is motivated by mere greed. The last eighteen years qualifies me to say what I have to say.

January 7, 2010 will be the eighteenth anniversary of the fateful day Zocor was first prescribed to lower my cholesterol by John N. Alport, M.D. Though the worst by far, the rhabdomyolysis that John Alport caused is only one of many unaddressed medical insults that I have endured here in Regina during the last fifty-eight years thanks to my so-called "family physicians". There have only been half a dozen of them over the years, but these "gatekeepers" to Saskatchewan medicare caused untold harm that no one in authority wants to hear about. They want to crow about our wonderful medical care.

If asked, I would definitely warn people about anything the pharmaceutical companies are pushing. I can unequivocally testify that your health and well-being are the least of their concerns. Making money is their greatest concern. I am living proof of what I say. Good nutrition, combined with exercise and spiritual nourishment, is the route to good health. The pharmaceutical companies and their products should be avoided. Their main contributions to medical science are two: Penicillin and Aspirin. Neither was discovered in a big "research lab" of a giant zillion-dollar pharmaceutical company. Though something might temporarily relieve your suffering, they have nothing to offer that will make you well.

The same can be said about medical doctors. A doctor might save your life, but he cannot make you well. There are some good doctors, but you don't know who they are. There are some bad doctors too, but you don't know who they are either. The Canadian medical establishment has succeeded in removing entirely any quality control from the medical system. That's quite an achievement. Any quality that exists is due to the diligence of individual physicians, not organized medicine — which protects bad doctors. Saskatchewan may have the worst medical system in Canada and Canada is bad. Your trip to the doctor is exactly like playing Russian Roulette. Do you feel lucky? Well, do you?

Good doctors should want to do something about this. Some have already started. A quiet revolution may be underway. I hope it is.

Dentists Are My Friends

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Dentists have played an important part of my life. Here's my story:

Since high school, I have had excellent dental care. The extensive restorative dentistry in my mouth was required because the dental care I had before that was poor. My dental condition has nothing to do with neglect. I went to the dentist and brushed my teeth every night as every good boy should. Apparently, dentistry improved in the sixties. It has continued to improve to this day. My four nephews, who don’t look after their teeth particularly well, have only one cavity between them. They have had excellent dental care.

My own dental care followed this pattern: a cavity would be diagnosed. A hole would be drilled in the tooth and an amalgam filling would be installed. A few years later more decay would be found around the filling. The old filling would be removed and the hole would be made larger to remove the new decay. A new filling would be installed. This would be repeated over the years until nothing was left of the tooth. Then, the remnants of the tooth would be extracted after the last filling fell out. A gap would be left.

That is why a molar is missing on each side of my lower jaw. They were removed by a dentist in Saskatoon when I was in Grade 11. As my wisdom teeth erupted, they pushed the molars forward and destroyed the occlusion of my teeth. This misalignment was compounded as the upper teeth dropped. (Years later that was corrected by Dr. Lloyd Cullham who had to grind off considerable enamel with an "equilibration". Dr. Natrass was shocked when he saw this a few years later, but I have been happy with the improvement in my bite for many decades.)

After high school, in the late sixties, I was in Vancouver when one of those large fillings fell out. It was a long weekend which I managed to survive by dissolving 292s on the crater in my tooth. I went to see a dentist when one was open. I wanted the dentist to extract the tooth and end my pain. I would have been happy then to have had all of my teeth extracted. My teeth were not my friends.

“We don’t do that anymore,” the dentist told me. He went on to explain a new philosophy in dentistry. “We try never to extract a tooth.” He told me I needed a root canal to save the tooth. He explained what that was. He said he would do the procedure for free because I had no money. He went on to say that he would put a temporary dressing in the tooth and that I would need to go to a dentist in Regina to have the work finished when I got home. He said I would need to have a bridge on both sides to fill in the gap that was left by the molar that had been extracted there.

My life was turned around by that dentist. I don’t even know his name. I have blessed him daily for forty years when I floss my teeth.

After returning to Regina, I got a job with a geologist and went to work up north. A dentist in Flin Flon finished the root canal and had a gold bridge for my lower left quadrant made at a lab in Winnipeg. When he dropped it in, he was delighted. He exclaimed, “I’m a genius.” It was perfect.

Back in Regina, Dr. Jack Kanee told me more about crowns, gold inlays and bridges. My lifetime goal was to have all my teeth capped and to have beautiful teeth for the rest of my life. Dr. Kanee made the gold bridge in the lower right quadrant after he checked the root canal there. I was very proud of my gold teeth!

Then I went to Japan. It was May 1970.

When I returned from Japan, Dr. Cullham did an occlusal adjustment and extracted a baby tooth and the adult tooth that had not come down. I lost the tooth beside them as well — a two-tooth gap was left. This created a problem that I am dealing with again now.

In 1971, Dr. Kanee made a porcelain bridge to span the two-tooth gap. That bridge now needs some attention — 38 years later. Dr. Kanee was my dentist, and my friend, until he retired. Dr. Kanee looked after my fillings, replacing the very old ones, and polishing the others. He put some Rembrandt veneers on some of my teeth. Some of them are still there. Veneers were a new thing new then. The veneer on the left front tooth would never stay on.

Dr. Kanee replaced it umpteen times before he retired. When I started seeing Dr. Bolen, the first thing he fixed was that veneer. He replaced it umpteen times over the years.

When Dr. Bolen retired, Dr. Allison Mang replaced that veneer umpteen times too. Then, she made the beautiful crown that is there now. It will last the rest of my life, at least another sixty years. Allison is my favorite, not only because she is young and pretty. Allison has a light touch. She doesn't hurt me even when injecting freezing. Allison can make teeth with the new composite dental resins that she cures with light.

Since that anonymous dentist in Vancouver turned my life around in 1968, dentists have played an important part in my life. When I lived in Vancouver, I rented a suite of rooms in the home of Dr. Annalies Penz, in British Properties. She was a retired dentist!

Dr. Bolen and Dr. Kinzel are my friends from Kiwanis. Olive White and Dr. Greg White are my friends from St. Matthew’s. Their son is Allison Mang’s husband's partner in a chiropractic practice. Olive White worked for Dr. Kanee and his brothers-in-law, Paul and Ben Bukhalter.

Dentists are supposed to be unhappy people who are prone to suicide, we are told by the folklore. I don't know who started that stupid idea. Dentists are my friends. They are happy, well-adjusted people. I have been very happy with every dentist since 1968 when dentistry changed for me. Dentists have helped me immeasurably. I expect to live a long time. I expect to have my teeth in my head where they belong when I die years from now. Some medical doctors I have known should have taken lessons from you.

Thank you, my friends!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Our Friend, Cholesterol

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One would think, after listening to the blather that is popular with doctors and the pharmaceutical sales armies, that cholesterol is a wicked poison that must be kept under control with Cholesterol Lowering Drugs (CLDs) like Zocor and Lipitor. But you should ignore them. The world-wide anti-cholesterol industry is a gigantic malicious hoax that earns billions of dollars annually for pharmaceutical giants like Merck and Pfizer.

In fact, CLDs are the most profitable pharmaceutical drugs in history.

Yet cholesterol is not a poison. Cholesterol is found in the cell wall of every cell in your body. Without cholesterol, cell walls break down and rhabdomyolysis results. The destruction of your musculoskeletal system (nerve, muscle and connective tissue) is extremely painful as I can personally attest. Pain has been the main complaint of patients receiving CLDs since Merck introduced Lovastatin and created the industry in 1987. But drug companies and doctors who prescribe CLDs don't care about your pain; they are interested in money. "No pain no gain," they say. Guess so.

Maybe doctors and pharmaceutical giants don't know about this. What do you think?

Here is a handy diagram that many seem to have missed at medical school. Maybe they were asleep. Maybe they weren't in doctor school to learn how to help people:

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Gender Mystery

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I agree 100%. "Now, men and women have probably been a mystery to one another since the time human beings were in trees; one reason people developed so many rules around courtship was that they needed some way to bridge the Great Sexual Divide."

As I was entering Grade 6, and rock and roll was replacing the culture that had existed before WW2, the world seemed to have no rules to learn and follow, no conventions, maps or guideposts. We were free. We were free to wander around unassisted, that is.

It was hard to know what girls wanted. They seemed to want boys who treated them with distain. Girls loved the heroes on the athletic squads, of course. They were the heart-throbs that girls usually chose. After choosing someone who treated them with disdain, girls could be unhappy and they could share their trials with their friends. They could then be just like grownups. Fifty years later, girls and women go on Oprah.

Then along came Hugh Hefner and the Pill. Boys would be able to get everything boys are supposed to want when they are 13. Things have gone down hill since then: sterility, infertility, AIDS, homosexuality, very bizarre sex crimes that were once unimaginable, child molestation, pornography everywhere, hate, insanity. D.I.V.O.R.C.E. Doom.

The world we live in is a disaster. What can we do? Here's what I do:

I like women. I don't care anymore what everyone else is doing. I haven't cared about that for a long time. I ignore the trends and the opinions of the opinion makers. I love beautiful women. Love is its own reward. Love makes you feel good. Not only that, people tend to like people who like them. It works with women. It works with beautiful women. The secret is being satisfied with the feeling. Do not attach her smile to a laundry list of things you want from her and expect her to deliver. Be happy with her smile. Be thankful for the feeling. Live in the moment. Most people won't know what you are doing. They will be confused. But if you are patient and consistent, they will start to trust you. Never betray their trust. If your expectations are zero, you cannot be disappointed, you will always be delighted with what you get and you cannot be taken over and abused. You are in control because you are in control of yourself. You will be a straight-shooter in a crooked world. You will be unique, young man.

Love makes the world go round. Love makes the world we live in worth living in. It works for me. Give it a try. Reach out. The alternative is to live inside a little cell without windows or a door.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

God is an Anarchist

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God is a jealous god, the Bible tells us. The First Commandment is "Thou shalt have no other gods before Me."

We are a long way from that today and we have been a long way from that for a long time.

Man's organizations are vastly more powerful than any individual. The state is the most powerful organization yet created and its leader and his office are invested by his subjects (and himself) with god-like characteristics.

I think that is the main theme of the Bible: Moses lead the Chosen People out of Egypt to free them from the bondage of the Pharaoh and his state — Egypt may be the first example of state-level civilization. The people were chosen to keep the faith, serve God and be an example for the Nations. The Chosen People never got it right — starting immediately with the Golden Calf incident. Moses marched them around in the desert for 40 years trying to get them to get the message. But they never got it, most of them, especially the leaders. After Moses died, they invaded Canaan. They created their own state-level civilization. God no longer spoke to their leaders. He spoke to the Prophets who spoke to their leaders. When the Chosen didn't listen to the Prophets, the Chosen were dragged off in chains. The wonderful kingdom they loved so much was destroyed. First the Assyrians, then the Babylonians, then the Persians, then the Romans were used (by God) to destroy the wonderful kingdom. But the committed kept returning to resurrect the wonderful kingdom they loved. Two thousand years (in round figures) after the last destruction (about 80 CE) new people have been trying to resurrect the wonderful kingdom. They say they are the Chosen. They call themselves Zionists. But they are atheists. They are materialists. They want to take over the world. They do not serve God. They serve someone else.

Who could that be?

Henry Makow asks, "Chosen by whom? Indeed."

Gentiles should be aware that although Zionists have won the civil war for Judaism, it is largely the public face of Judaism that they have won. That is the face Gentiles see whenever they tune in to the News, or read a newspaper or magazine, listen to a politician or go to a movie. Those are all controlled by Zionists as are all the official "Jewish" organizations — the ones with all the money and power. Hundreds of thousands of Jews oppose Zionism. Go to

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mark 8v36

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Mark 8v36

For what will it profit them to gain the whole world and forfeit their life?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cutting the Gordian Knot

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I have spent a lifetime investigating things that others thought they knew everything about. I work independently. Alexander cut the Gordian Knot with one stroke. See my statement below:

Over 90% of WTC 1, WTC 2 and WTC 7 were not there after they "collapsed." Were did they go? Millions of TV viewers witnessed this extraordinary event as it happened. Three huge buildings simply wafted away on the breezes to settle as dust all over lower Manhattan and its waterways. Viewers watched something that had never before happened, anywhere, in the history of the world. "9/11" was a very special demolition. "9/11" was truly extraordinary.

The official explanations of the officials are so ridiculous they don't deserve to be considered for a second. Instead, these fables reveal everything anyone needs to know about the officials themselves. "9/11," itself, tells us who was responsible for this monstrosity. Instead of providing a foundation to justify everything our officials have done since "9/11" (which they expect to be able to do), this single fact — the buildings were turned into dust — casts mortal doubt on the officials and their actions before and after the event. "9/11" could not have been done by anyone but the officials themselves and the organizations they control (whose business is munitions and war) as everyone intuitively already knows. Yet, unequivocal statements can sometimes be mitigated.

"9/11" could have been done by space aliens, of course, but not by Pashtun tribesmen in Afghanistan or the imaginary "Al Qaeda". The only terrestrial people who might be capable of doing the job, apart from a few in the upper echelons of the United States, are the Russians. Why aren't we bombing them? Of course! The Russians have all those thermonuclear tipped missiles pointed at U.S. And, like the Chinese, the Russians are our friends these days. Do we really have any friends? How friendly are we?

The officials in Washington are very stupid and they are playing a very dangerous game with everyones' lives. They need to be dishonorably discharged at the very least. Some officials require psychiatric incarceration. Some people would have other officials swinging from the lamp posts.

Sign the AE911Truth petition:


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dishonorably Discharged

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The other night the tele-screen reported the tragic story of a young American who has deserted. Desertion is the worst crime an American can commit. Once you have signed up, you are committed. You must obey orders, whatever-the-Hell they might be. You cannot run away and hide. They will hunt you down and drag you back by the scruff of your neck. You will be disgraced and branded a traitor. After your prison term has been served, no employer will hire you with a "dishonorable discharge." You will join the dead men walking. Your life will be over.

Imagine, I considered joining the U.S. Army to go to Vietnam in 1975 when the Commies were overrunning our noble allies there. I was going to save the world. Canadians are not too smart. I, for one, was pretty dumb.

Browsing my Wish List at, the book review below caught my fancy. How can America's overlords do what they do while some dogface is kicked around like a, well, like a dog?

- Morley Evans

16 of 16 people found the following review helpful:
The Hell with U.S. Citizens and Trust Only Those Can Pay and Can Do Business, February 19, 2007
By James E. Egolf "James E. Egolf, MA" (Florida) - See all my reviews

Those who read Anthony Sutton's WALL [STEET] AND THE BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION should read THE BEST ENEMY MONEY CAN BUY in tandam. The latter book simply follows events during and especially after World War II and the Cold War. Sutton has amassed a collection of anecdotes and comments which, if [they weren't] so sad and deadly, would be funny.

Part of THE BEST ENEMY MONEY CAN BUY deals with government officials either [deflecting] or ending investigations of U.S. business executives who did business and made lucrative deals with "The Evil Empire." Many U.S. presidents preached about the purity of their anti-Communism while at the same time arranging for business leaders to make huge sums of money doing business with both the Soviets and Chinese Communists.

Some of the projects that U.S. and Western European businessmen included innocent sounding projects such as the Kharkov Tractor Factory which was built in 1932. This became a military production factory. Another example of U.S. government and business executives occured just before the Soviets Afghanistan [invasion] in 1980. The Soviets purchased huge grain supplies knowing that window dressing would preclude further grain sales.

Sutton also cites the Kama Truck Factory which was computerized by Texas Instruments, powered by General Electric, and financed by U.S. bankers. All of this done via the U.S. taxpayers. One must raise the question of who pays for all of this.

For all of his tough talk about the wicked Communists, Pres. Reagan continued the late Pres. Nixon's policy of money and technology transfers to the Chinese Communists. One amusing aspect of the Cold War was the fact that U.S. authroities went after any and all dissenters who complained about the status-quo. The political response to any complaints or problems in the U.S. was due to "The Gremlins in the Kremlin." Yet, the same businessmen, Congressmen, self appointed professional anti-Communists, etc. were the same ones who voted for or arranged so much finance and technology to both the Soviets and Chinese. The official anti-Communists did more to prolong Big Communism than any U.S. dissenter or U.S. self avowed Communist.

What is interesting is the official political do gooders condemned U.S. labor leaders as being Communist. Yet, these same labor leaders were virtually the only ones who raised protest against the harsh working and living conditions of Soviet workers which Sutton makes clear on page 208. The hypocrisy is so apparent.

Those who say [that] a picture is worth a thousand words would appreciate this book. The political cartoons reveal a lot about the lack of loyalty on part of "conservative" business leaders who have been in the vanguard of domestic anti-Communism.

Anthony Sutton is clear that U.S. technology and financial transfers to Big Communism was responsible for the deaths of U.S. Servicemen in the Korean and Vietnam Wars. U.S. citizens should be outraged that their government and official leaders were responsible for all this.

Mr. Luce, the well known journalist, was asked about U.S. Communists. Mr. Luce responded that American blue collar workers were Democrats. The American middle classes were Republicans. The plutocratic wealthy were Communists. Sutton's book makes this assessment clear.

Don't miss this one: WALL STREET & THE RISE OF HITLER:

America's overlord's should be dishonorably discharged.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lying Liars and their Lies

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A lie is like a beautiful sweater, with at least one loose yarn.

A sweater can be a splendid garment. It can be knitted from brightly coloured yarn. It can be knitted from plain yarn into intricate patterns like an Irish fisherman's sweater. A sweater can be a lovely fashion statement.

Like a sweater, a lie can be very attractive. A lie can be fashionable too. People often want to believe a lie more than they want to believe the truth. The truth may be ugly.

But lies can be unravelled whatever anyone wants to believe. Every lie has a loose thread. When that is pulled, the lie starts to unravel. Soon nothing is left but the liar's naked chest and belly.

The events known as "9/11" are a good example. The official story has only one thing going for it, it is the official story of the officials. Nothing the officials claim happened could have happened. They are scientifically impossible. Almost anything else is possible, but not the official story. Is it possible that the officials do not know this? Impossible.

Once one lie is unraveled, everything else the liar has said becomes suspect. When a pattern of lying is uncovered, the burden of proof shifts to the liar who is no longer presumed innocent until proven guilty. The liar becomes classified as a congenital liar — one who has been a liar from birth, perhaps whose genes predispose him or her to lying.

As comedian George Burns once quipped, "Sincerity is everything. Once you can fake that, you've got it made." Successful politicians fake sincerity well.

Friday, October 2, 2009

WILK vs the AMA

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The other day, I learned that the American Medical Association was successfully sued for engaging in a criminal conspiracy to destroy chiropractic medicine. This was a landmark decision reminding us of Lord Acton's dictum about power.

"On September 25, 1987, Getzendanner issued her opinion that the AMA had violated Section 1, but not 2, of the Sherman Act, and that it had engaged in an unlawful conspiracy in restraint of trade "to contain and eliminate the chiropractic profession." (Wilk v. American Medical Ass'n, 671 F. Supp. 1465, N.D. Ill. 1987). She issued a permanent injunction against the AMA under Section 16 of the Clayton Act to prevent such future behavior."

Corrupt established medicine (yes, it is very corrupt, especially in Canada) might not in this life be reformed or punished for its misdeeds: But it will come to an end when it is abandoned by patients and by medical doctors themselves as they choose a different path. A quiet revolution currently is under way. Conventional medicine today is a failure with costs rising and health declining. Recognizing the problem, millions have for years been looking for an alternative. They have been looking to naturopathic doctors, health food stores, chiropractors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, homeopathy, acupuncturists, massage therapists and more because their doctor and the drug store could not solve their problem. Sometimes their problem got worse and new problems appeared. Despite its best efforts to control everything — reinforced with government sanction, established medicine does not have a monopoly on health. Doctors are the third leading cause of death, after heart disease and cancer (JAMA). Heart disease and cancer are diseases for which they have no cure, despite the billions that have been spent for a century which have provided comfortable incomes for the comfortable. Established medicine has no reason to be proud. Established medicine has come a cropper.

Medical care is hardy any better, in some cases, than it was in the days of "patent medicine". But modern medicine costs much much more and it can create problems that were unknown before so it actually might be worse.,_1st_Baron_Acton


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Letter to CBC: The media continues to condition Canadians to accept the on-going criminal wars in the Middle East. This has been going on in Palestine for 130 years. Iraq and Afghanistan were invaded after 9/11 — ignoring the fact that neither country had anything to do with it. Since then, hundreds of thousands have been driven from their homes. Multitudes of innocent people have been killed. Iraq was turned into a slaughterhouse and has been destroyed. Our heroes in Afghanistan are celebrated every night as the carnage there continues. Pakistan is in chaos. Iran awaits being bombed into the stone age. Your propaganda supports these crimes. WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING? These people have never done even one thing to us. You should be ashamed.