Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cutting the Gordian Knot

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I have spent a lifetime investigating things that others thought they knew everything about. I work independently. Alexander cut the Gordian Knot with one stroke. See my statement below:

Over 90% of WTC 1, WTC 2 and WTC 7 were not there after they "collapsed." Were did they go? Millions of TV viewers witnessed this extraordinary event as it happened. Three huge buildings simply wafted away on the breezes to settle as dust all over lower Manhattan and its waterways. Viewers watched something that had never before happened, anywhere, in the history of the world. "9/11" was a very special demolition. "9/11" was truly extraordinary.

The official explanations of the officials are so ridiculous they don't deserve to be considered for a second. Instead, these fables reveal everything anyone needs to know about the officials themselves. "9/11," itself, tells us who was responsible for this monstrosity. Instead of providing a foundation to justify everything our officials have done since "9/11" (which they expect to be able to do), this single fact — the buildings were turned into dust — casts mortal doubt on the officials and their actions before and after the event. "9/11" could not have been done by anyone but the officials themselves and the organizations they control (whose business is munitions and war) as everyone intuitively already knows. Yet, unequivocal statements can sometimes be mitigated.

"9/11" could have been done by space aliens, of course, but not by Pashtun tribesmen in Afghanistan or the imaginary "Al Qaeda". The only terrestrial people who might be capable of doing the job, apart from a few in the upper echelons of the United States, are the Russians. Why aren't we bombing them? Of course! The Russians have all those thermonuclear tipped missiles pointed at U.S. And, like the Chinese, the Russians are our friends these days. Do we really have any friends? How friendly are we?

The officials in Washington are very stupid and they are playing a very dangerous game with everyones' lives. They need to be dishonorably discharged at the very least. Some officials require psychiatric incarceration. Some people would have other officials swinging from the lamp posts.

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