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Dishonorably Discharged

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The other night the tele-screen reported the tragic story of a young American who has deserted. Desertion is the worst crime an American can commit. Once you have signed up, you are committed. You must obey orders, whatever-the-Hell they might be. You cannot run away and hide. They will hunt you down and drag you back by the scruff of your neck. You will be disgraced and branded a traitor. After your prison term has been served, no employer will hire you with a "dishonorable discharge." You will join the dead men walking. Your life will be over.

Imagine, I considered joining the U.S. Army to go to Vietnam in 1975 when the Commies were overrunning our noble allies there. I was going to save the world. Canadians are not too smart. I, for one, was pretty dumb.

Browsing my Wish List at, the book review below caught my fancy. How can America's overlords do what they do while some dogface is kicked around like a, well, like a dog?

- Morley Evans

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The Hell with U.S. Citizens and Trust Only Those Can Pay and Can Do Business, February 19, 2007
By James E. Egolf "James E. Egolf, MA" (Florida) - See all my reviews

Those who read Anthony Sutton's WALL [STEET] AND THE BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION should read THE BEST ENEMY MONEY CAN BUY in tandam. The latter book simply follows events during and especially after World War II and the Cold War. Sutton has amassed a collection of anecdotes and comments which, if [they weren't] so sad and deadly, would be funny.

Part of THE BEST ENEMY MONEY CAN BUY deals with government officials either [deflecting] or ending investigations of U.S. business executives who did business and made lucrative deals with "The Evil Empire." Many U.S. presidents preached about the purity of their anti-Communism while at the same time arranging for business leaders to make huge sums of money doing business with both the Soviets and Chinese Communists.

Some of the projects that U.S. and Western European businessmen included innocent sounding projects such as the Kharkov Tractor Factory which was built in 1932. This became a military production factory. Another example of U.S. government and business executives occured just before the Soviets Afghanistan [invasion] in 1980. The Soviets purchased huge grain supplies knowing that window dressing would preclude further grain sales.

Sutton also cites the Kama Truck Factory which was computerized by Texas Instruments, powered by General Electric, and financed by U.S. bankers. All of this done via the U.S. taxpayers. One must raise the question of who pays for all of this.

For all of his tough talk about the wicked Communists, Pres. Reagan continued the late Pres. Nixon's policy of money and technology transfers to the Chinese Communists. One amusing aspect of the Cold War was the fact that U.S. authroities went after any and all dissenters who complained about the status-quo. The political response to any complaints or problems in the U.S. was due to "The Gremlins in the Kremlin." Yet, the same businessmen, Congressmen, self appointed professional anti-Communists, etc. were the same ones who voted for or arranged so much finance and technology to both the Soviets and Chinese. The official anti-Communists did more to prolong Big Communism than any U.S. dissenter or U.S. self avowed Communist.

What is interesting is the official political do gooders condemned U.S. labor leaders as being Communist. Yet, these same labor leaders were virtually the only ones who raised protest against the harsh working and living conditions of Soviet workers which Sutton makes clear on page 208. The hypocrisy is so apparent.

Those who say [that] a picture is worth a thousand words would appreciate this book. The political cartoons reveal a lot about the lack of loyalty on part of "conservative" business leaders who have been in the vanguard of domestic anti-Communism.

Anthony Sutton is clear that U.S. technology and financial transfers to Big Communism was responsible for the deaths of U.S. Servicemen in the Korean and Vietnam Wars. U.S. citizens should be outraged that their government and official leaders were responsible for all this.

Mr. Luce, the well known journalist, was asked about U.S. Communists. Mr. Luce responded that American blue collar workers were Democrats. The American middle classes were Republicans. The plutocratic wealthy were Communists. Sutton's book makes this assessment clear.

Don't miss this one: WALL STREET & THE RISE OF HITLER:

America's overlord's should be dishonorably discharged.

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