Sunday, October 18, 2009

Do You Feel Lucky?

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Below, is a link to the essay I wrote and published yesterday entitled "Our Friend, Cholesterol". Although what happened to me is important to me, I understand when few others want to know about my story. They simply don't want to know about it. What happened to me challenges core beliefs. It just could not be true, they think. But it is true:

If you read on, thank you for your interest.

Simply put, I was tortured for 8 years; then I was in a coma and would have died but for Dr. Buwembo, the neurosurgeon; then I spent 10 years slowly recovering with sanctuary provided by my sister. Chronic transient pain stopped about a year ago and I started to make progress. I am pretty new: I am about one year old. I was saved from death at the hands of doctors by other doctors — twice. I didn't discover what was wrong with me until September 2001. I was saved for a reason. I have a mission, unlike established medicine, which is motivated by mere greed. The last eighteen years qualifies me to say what I have to say.

January 7, 2010 will be the eighteenth anniversary of the fateful day Zocor was first prescribed to lower my cholesterol by John N. Alport, M.D. Though the worst by far, the rhabdomyolysis that John Alport caused is only one of many unaddressed medical insults that I have endured here in Regina during the last fifty-eight years thanks to my so-called "family physicians". There have only been half a dozen of them over the years, but these "gatekeepers" to Saskatchewan medicare caused untold harm that no one in authority wants to hear about. They want to crow about our wonderful medical care.

If asked, I would definitely warn people about anything the pharmaceutical companies are pushing. I can unequivocally testify that your health and well-being are the least of their concerns. Making money is their greatest concern. I am living proof of what I say. Good nutrition, combined with exercise and spiritual nourishment, is the route to good health. The pharmaceutical companies and their products should be avoided. Their main contributions to medical science are two: Penicillin and Aspirin. Neither was discovered in a big "research lab" of a giant zillion-dollar pharmaceutical company. Though something might temporarily relieve your suffering, they have nothing to offer that will make you well.

The same can be said about medical doctors. A doctor might save your life, but he cannot make you well. There are some good doctors, but you don't know who they are. There are some bad doctors too, but you don't know who they are either. The Canadian medical establishment has succeeded in removing entirely any quality control from the medical system. That's quite an achievement. Any quality that exists is due to the diligence of individual physicians, not organized medicine — which protects bad doctors. Saskatchewan may have the worst medical system in Canada and Canada is bad. Your trip to the doctor is exactly like playing Russian Roulette. Do you feel lucky? Well, do you?

Good doctors should want to do something about this. Some have already started. A quiet revolution may be underway. I hope it is.

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