Saturday, October 17, 2009

Our Friend, Cholesterol

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One would think, after listening to the blather that is popular with doctors and the pharmaceutical sales armies, that cholesterol is a wicked poison that must be kept under control with Cholesterol Lowering Drugs (CLDs) like Zocor and Lipitor. But you should ignore them. The world-wide anti-cholesterol industry is a gigantic malicious hoax that earns billions of dollars annually for pharmaceutical giants like Merck and Pfizer.

In fact, CLDs are the most profitable pharmaceutical drugs in history.

Yet cholesterol is not a poison. Cholesterol is found in the cell wall of every cell in your body. Without cholesterol, cell walls break down and rhabdomyolysis results. The destruction of your musculoskeletal system (nerve, muscle and connective tissue) is extremely painful as I can personally attest. Pain has been the main complaint of patients receiving CLDs since Merck introduced Lovastatin and created the industry in 1987. But drug companies and doctors who prescribe CLDs don't care about your pain; they are interested in money. "No pain no gain," they say. Guess so.

Maybe doctors and pharmaceutical giants don't know about this. What do you think?

Here is a handy diagram that many seem to have missed at medical school. Maybe they were asleep. Maybe they weren't in doctor school to learn how to help people:

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