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After allegedly starting two world wars and exterminating six million Jews, Germans were alleged to be deficient in human sensitivity. After the Nazis had been defeated on 8 May 1945, Germans were put on probation and Western Germany was permanently occupied by the United States. After the Japanese militarists had been nuked and defeated on 15 August 1945, Japan was forbidden from having a military and Japan was permanently occupied by American troops.

A New Age began in 1945. The United States would ensure that the world would be good from then on. Has it been good? Bad people would be prevented from doing any more bad things. The "most powerful military the world has ever known" would ensure world peace. Bad people immediately arose. They had to be beaten down. They claimed to represent the welfare of the common people. They were lying. Weren't they?

Washington's power would succeed
where God had failed. Or would it?

COMMUNISM had to be defeated. Freedom, human rights, kindness, love, democracy and world peace were at stake. Even the bad old British Empire was gone. The British had been humbled. Washington was in control. How well has it worked out? Do you know?

Sensitive people will find the following article very disturbing. Their world-view will be rocked by a moral earthquake. If you are sensitive, please do not read this. You will be upset. If you are not sensitive, this won't bother you at all. So go ahead and read. Don't forget to read the comments.

Does the "News" you watch report any of what you just read? Or is it only obsessed with Donald J. Trump? Do you wish to see Trump deposed and overthrown by his detractors? They are the ones who created the world we live in, not President Donald J. Trump. Do you think destroying Trump would be a good thing? Why do you think that? Behold, a pale horse.


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Morley Evans

THERE ARE TWO TYPES of medicine today treating two very different conditions. These conditions are 1). acute injury and 2). chronic disease. Acute injuries are found in war zones and in traffic collisions. The medical treatment administered to treat acute injuries is very good. Lives are saved. Doctors are on their toes. The medical treatment administered to treat chronic disease in horrible. Most doctors in developed countries are dealing with chronic diseases such as heart disease, pain, cancer, diabetes, obesity, depression, insomnia, allergy, flu, common cold, etc, etc, most of the time. The astronomically expensive cost of this kind of medicine is not merely unnecessary. Such medicine is a racket.

Most doctors are not Albert Schweitzer. But they all pretend they are. Most doctors are not motivated by altruism and the human instincts to relieve suffering. But they all pretend they are. Most doctors are incapable of heroic medicine. Most doctors are mere pill pushers. Failure is the hallmark of what most do. Most doctors make things worse with their nostrums and treatments. When their patients die, they say, "We did everything we could to save him/her. It was an act of God." Sure, Doc. So much for the miracle cures advertised each night on TV news — that is propaganda which is largely sponsored and paid for by pharmaceutical companies, the handmaidens of the medical industry.

As good as Modern Medicine is at treating acute injuries in war zones, there is a way to prevent them altogether. DO NOT GO TO WAR. Duh.



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HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHY your doctor is an asshole, but you were afraid to say it out loud? Robert S. Mendelsohn, MD, explains. 

Many thanks to June Gardner, a long-suffering hysterectomy victim in Australia (they gutted her like a trout), for bringing this nugget to my attention.

Robert S. Mendelsohn, MD

MEDICAL POLITICS, for example, is a cutthroat power game of the most primitive sort. I much prefer political politics, because there you have the art of the possible, which means you have to compromise. Medical politics is the art of sheer power. There is no compromise: you go right for the jugular vein before your own is torn out. There’s no room for compromise because churches never compromise on canon law. Instead of a relatively open process in which people with different interests get together to try to get the most out of the situation that they can, in medical politics there is a rigid authoritarian power structure which can be moved only through winner-take-all power plays. Historically, doctors who have dared to change things significantly have been ostracized and have had to sacrifice their careers in order to hold to their ideas. Few doctors are willing to do either. 

Another reason why doctors are less prone to compromise is because doctors tend to restrict their friendships to other doctors. Close friendships between doctors and non-doctors are nowhere near as frequent as among other professions. Consequently, doctors rarely have to defend their opinions among people who don’t share their background and who might offer a different point of view. Doctors can develop their philosophy in relative privacy, foray at intervals into the public scene to promote these ideas, and then rapidly re­treat to the security of other doctors who support the views of the in-group. This luxury is not available to others in influential posi­tions in public life. 

Of course, doctors do see their patients. But they don’t see them as people. The doctor-patient relationship is more like that between the master and the slave, since the doctor depends on the complete submission of the patient. In this kind of climate, ideas can hardly be interchanged with any hope of the doctor’s being affected. Pro­fessional detachment boils down to the doctor rendering the entire relationship devoid of human influences or values. Doctors rarely rub elbows with non-doctors in any other posture but the professional. 

Furthermore, since the doctor’s ambitions project him into the upper classes, that’s where his sympathies lie. Doctors identify with the upper class and beyond, even. They view themselves as the true elite class in society. The doctor’s lifestyle and professional behavior encourage autocratic thinking, so his conservative politics and economics are predictable. Most doctors are white, male, and rich—hardly in a position to relate effectively with the poor, the non-white, and females. Even doctors who come from these groups rarely return to serve and “be with” them. They, too, become white, male, and rich for all practical purposes and treat their fel­lows with all the paternalistic contempt other doctors do. 

When asked where doctors learn these bad habits, I used to reply that doctors learned them in medical school. Now I realize they learn them much earlier than that. By the time they get to pre­medical training, they’ve picked up the cheating, the competition, the vying for position — all the tricks they know they need if they want to get into medical school. After all, our university system is modeled after the medical schools, and our high schools are modeled after our universities. 

The admissions tests and policies of medical schools virtually guarantee that the students who get in will make poor doctors. The quantitative tests, the Medical College Admission Test, and the re­liance on grade point averages funnel through a certain type of per­sonality who is unable and unwilling to communicate with people. Those who are chosen are the ones most subject to the authoritarian influences of the priests of Modern Medicine. They have the compulsion to succeed, but not the will or the integrity to rebel. The hierarchy in control wants students who will go through school passively and ask only those questions the professors can answer comfortably. That usually means they want only one question at a time. One of the things I advise my students to do in order to survive medical school is to ask one question but never ask two. 

Medical school does its best to turn smart students stupid, honest students corrupt, and healthy students sick. It isn’t very hard to turn a smart student into a stupid one. First of all, the admissions people make sure the professors will get weak-willed, authority-abiding students to work on. Then they give them a curriculum that is absolutely meaningless as far as healing or health are con­cerned. The best medical educators themselves say that the half-life of medical education is four years. In four years half of what a medical student has learned is wrong. Within four years of that, half again is wrong, and so on. The only problem is that the students aren’t told which half is wrong! They’re forced to learn it all. Super­vision can be very close. There is no school in the country where the student-teacher ratio is as low as it is in medical school. During the last couple of years of medical school, you frequently find classes of only two or three students to one doctor. That doctor has tremen­dous influence over those students, through both his proximity and his life-and-death power over their careers. 

Medical students are further softened up by being maliciously fatigued. The way to weaken a person’s will in order to mold him to suit your purposes is to make him work hard, especially at night, and never give him a chance to recover. You teach the rat to race. The result is a person too weak to resist the most debilitating in­strument medical school uses on its students: fear. 

If I had to characterize doctors, I would say their major psychological attribute is fear. They have a drive to achieve security-plus that’s never satisfied because of all the fear that’s drummed into them in medical school: fear of failure, fear of missing a diagnosis, fear of malpractice, fear of remarks by their peers, fear that they’ll have to find honest work. There was a movie some time ago that opened with a marathon dance contest. After a certain length of time all the contestants were eliminated except one. Everybody had to fail except the winner. That’s what medical school has become. Since everybody can’t win, everybody suffers from a loss of self-esteem. Everybody comes out of medical school feeling bad. 

Doctors are given one reward for swallowing the fear pill so will­ingly and for sacrificing the healing instincts and human emotions that might help their practice: arrogance. To hide their fear, they’re taught to adopt the authoritarian attitude and demeanor of their professors. With all this pushing at one end and pulling at the other, it’s no wonder that doctors are the major sources of illness in our society. The process that begins with cheating on a biology exam by moving the microscope slide so that the next student views the wrong specimen, that continues with dropping sugar into a urine sample to change the results for those who follow, with hiring others to write papers and take exams, and with “dry labbing” ex­periments by fabricating results, ends with falsifying research reports in order to get a drug approved. What begins with fear and fatigue over exams and grades ends with a drug or alcohol problem. And what begins with arrogance towards others ends up as a doctor pre­scribing deadly procedures with little regard for the life and health of the patient. 

Dr Robert Mendelsohn


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Paul Craig Roberts


A small foreign country with fewer than nine million people controls these critical institutions of world power:

  • the U.S. governments from top to bottom
  • the entire western brainwashing system
  • the "evangelical" Christian churches
  • the U.S. military-industrial complex

The goal of the people who control this small country is not merely the domination of the planet but the destruction of life on earth. Everything. That means you, pilgrim.

Before WWII began, a few people were asking "Why should a shitty little country get to start a world war?" They were talking about Poland at the time. WWII slaughtered several hundred million people and destroyed entire countries.

WWIII will kill all of us and turn our home, planet earth, into a radioactive cinder.

Before WWI began, Serbia was the shitty little country where a match was struck inside a tinderbox and hundreds of millions were killed.

Today, people in the know are asking the same question with a different little country in mind.

I would advise you to wake up. There may still be time to stop this. You'd better hope it's not too late. But knowing human nature, you'll probably be asleep or watching TV game shows when your end comes.

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Medicine today has it backwards. Perhaps it has always been like this. The aim of doctors is to be respected and to enjoy a nice life. Doctors create disease, shorten life and make sure their kind will be needed in perpetuity. Avoid them. Doctors are not your partners in health. What they call "healthcare" has nothing to do with health.

Am I unfairly generalising? 

I have yet to meet a doctor who will denounce the harm another doctor has done or will do anything to reform the system. No one will even admit the system is broken. I have not met one doctor who has an ounce of sympathy (28.3495231 grammes). Doctors have not even one gramme! Not even one milligramme. Even the good doctors who have saved me from what the bad doctors have done to me have defended the system with their silence. Most doctors have attacked me. 

I no longer trust my enemies with my life. The medical system will have to collapse to be reformed and it will collapse. Soon. What and who helps patients will survive. The rest will be thrown into the fire.

If what I say is wrong, I invite any doctor to stand up to be counted. No takers? That proves my point, doesn't it?

There are thousands of alternatives to what doctors offer. Some of them are effective. You must actively strive to become healthy.

With the exceptions of Dr Carl Reich (Calgary) and Dr Frederick Cenaiko (Wakaw), all of the doctors I have seen in the past 70 years were in Regina, Canada. I have lived in places as far away as Kyoto, Los Angeles, and London, England. I did not have or need a doctor there. ONLY IN REGINA. Why is that??

I cannot comment directly on doctors elsewhere, but I am certainly qualified to judge the doctors (and dentists) and their medical organisations here. The internet has given people like me a voice. Medical malpractice victims scream out across the United States and as far away as Australia on the other side of the world. Our complaints are uniform. There are millions of us.



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Most Americans, and everyone else, believe that the United States saved the world in both World Wars I and II. Even British people believe this. Someone asked this question at Quora.

Were the Brits completely incompetent in World War Two, losing every battle until the United States intervened?

These were some answers:

While the United States did reap the rewards of these wars and did go on to establish the largest world-wide empire in history this question can only be asked by someone who is ignorant of what was done by the British and the British Empire and by the people of the Soviet Union and the Republic of China.

They would have to be ignorant about what the USA actually didThey would have to be ignorant of Germany and Japan. Does anyone know that horse teams moved the Wehrmacht Hees (army)? Or that neither Germany nor Japan had oceans of oil and gasoline like the allies?

Successful American cultural imperialism is responsible for misinforming people. Hollywood does make good movies. They can seem more real than real life. Rock-n-Roll has dominated music since the mid 1950s. Wall Street dominates finance.

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THIS VERY IMPORTANT ESSAY by Kai Melling turns everything people believe on its head. It has been reproduced here in full. The truth at last! Who started WW II?

And now the really big questions for you to think about. Put on your thinking caps boys and girls.

Who started the Great War (WWI)? It wasn’t Germany. It wasn't France. Or Great Britain. Or Austria-Hungary. Or Russia. Or the Ottomans. No, Serbia didn't do it. The Black Hand was being guided by an unseen power far away. No, it wasn't China or Italy.

Who assassinated President William McKinley? It wasn't an unknown penniless anarchist. It was someone else. 

Who assassinated President John Fitzgerald Kennedy? Sorry, it wasn't Lee Harvey Oswald I can tell you right now.


What marked the end of the British Empire? Why?
Kai Melling
Kai Melling studied at Saarland University

The common narrative is that the USA inherited the British Empire as an aftermath of World War2. But this phrasing is misleading because the USA actively designed and exploited the political, mental and military framework of WW2 to Britain’s disadvantage.

Churchill believed that Britain and the USA would be eternal partners, with British statesmen playing Greeks to America’s Romans. [Churchill's mother, Jenny Jerome, was an American.] But when Britain was in her darkest hour, Roosevelt shook her down for every dime. Poring over a list of British assets in the Western Hemisphere, FDR “reacted with the coolness of a WASP patrician: ‘Well, they aren’t bust—there’s lots of money there.’” (Alan Clark)

Looking back, Alan Clark was appalled by Churchill’s grovelling to the Americans: “Churchill’s abasement of Britain before the United States has its origins in the same obsession (with Hitler). The West Indian bases were handed over; the closed markets for British exports were to be dismantled; the entire portfolio of (largely private) holdings in America was liquidated. “A very nice little list,” was Roosevelt’s comment when the British ambassador offered it. “You guys aren’t broken yet.”

Before Lend-Lease aid could begin, Britain was forced to sell all her commercial assets in the United States and turn over all her gold. FDR sent his own ship to pick up the last $50 million in British gold reserves.

“We are not only to be skinned but flayed to the bone,” Churchill wailed to his colleagues, and he was not far off. Churchill drafted a letter to FDR saying that if America continued along this line, she would “wear the aspect of a sheriff collecting the last assets of a helpless debtor.” It was, said the prime minister, “not fitting that any nation should put itself wholly in the hands of another.” But dependent as Britain was on American handouts, Churchill reconsidered and rewrote his note in more conciliatory tones.

FDR knew exactly what he was doing. “We have been milking the British financial cow, which had plenty of milk at one time, but which has now about become dry,” Roosevelt confided to one Cabinet member. “Great Britain became a poor, though deserving cousin—not to Roosevelt’s regret. So far as it is possible to read his devious mind, it appears that he expected the British to wear down both Germany and themselves. When all independent powers had ceased to exist, the United States would step in and run the world.” (A.J.P. Taylor)

At Teheran and Yalta, where FDR should have supported his British ally, he mocked Churchill to amuse Stalin. FDR thought the British Empire an anachronism that ought to be abolished. “We are therefore presented with the extraordinary paradox that Britain’s principal enemy, Nazi Germany, was anxious for the British empire to remain in being, while her principal ally, the United States, was determined to destroy it.” (Naval officer Russel Grenfell)

When Churchill’s successor Eden invaded Suez in 1956 to retake the Canal from the Egyptian dictator who had nationalised it, Harold Macmillan assured the Cabinet, “I know Ike. He will lie doggo.” Like many Brits, Macmillan misread Ike and the Americans. Ike ordered Britain out of Egypt. Faced with a U.S. threat to sink the pound, the humiliated Brits submitted and departed. Eden fell. The new Romans would not be needing any Greeks.

Correlli Barnett is savage on Churchill’s naiveté in believing in a “special relationship” with the Americans:“The Second World War saw the disastrous culmination of the long-standing but unreciprocated British belief in the existence of a “special relationship” between England and America. For the Americans—like the Russians, like the Germans, like the English themselves—were motivated by a desire to promote their own interests rather than by sentiment, which was a commodity they reserved for Pilgrim’s Dinners, where it could do no harm. Churchill’s policy, therefore, provided the Americans with the opportunity first, of prospering on British orders, and secondly, of humbling British world power, a long-cherished American ambition. From 1940 to the end of the Second World War and after, it was America, not Russia, which was to constitute that lurking menace to British interests which Churchill, in his passionate obsession with defeating Germany, failed to perceive.”

Canadian historian Edward Ingram seconds Barnett, calling Britain’s “alignment with the United States … a strangling alliance in which one party uses the alliance to destroy the other.” The relationship between the United Kingdom and Britain is shown in the U.S. offer, during World War II, to defend the United Kingdom but not the British Empire. As the destruction of Britain as a world power was the price to be paid for the safety of the United Kingdom, Englishmen and Scots were asked to buy safety for themselves by throwing other subjects to the wolves.

Andrew Roberts writes in Eminent Churchillians of how one British writer had wittily graded George VI as king and sovereign: “Considering that King George VI’s sixteen-year reign spanned Anschluss, Munich, the Second World War, the communist domination of Eastern Europe, the loss of India and the twilight of empire, post-war Austerity and Britain’s eclipse as a global superpower, one might sympathize with Evelyn Waugh’s valediction, “George VI’s reign will go down in history as the most disastrous my country has known since Matilda and Stephen.”

Churchill declared in 1942: “I have not become the King’s First Minister in order to preside over the liquidation of the British Empire.” By 1946, liquidation had begun. By 1947, India, the crown jewel of the empire, was gone and Britain had transferred her duties to Greece and Turkey to help stop Communist aggression to Truman’s America. By 1948, Palestine was gone and Britain was surviving on Marshall Plan aid. Poland, the nation for which Britain had gone to war, and ten other European nations were now in the death-grip of Stalin.“We killed the wrong pig,” Churchill is said to have muttered. By Churchill’s death in 1965, the empire had vanished and Britain was applying for admission to a Common Market dominated by Germans and the France of an ungrateful Charles de Gaulle, who vetoed British entry. [de Gaulle was always very suspicious of the Americans, too.]

BRITISH LEADERS BELIEVE there is a "special relationship" between the UK and the US. Compare the polite and reserved reception Americans gave to British Prime Minister, Theresa May, to the cheering and standing ovations American legislators gave to Binyamin Netanyahu in this spring of 2017. The United States has been handing out billions of dollars each year to Israel, while Great Britain has been starving to death. British industries are owned by Germans! Geoge Soros managed to break the Bank of England! Who has a special relationship? Theresa May and the Tories have pledged undying support for Washington's continuing war on Russia which threatens to bring us to nuclear Armageddon. "Special relationship"? Americans yawn.

Yes, we are at war with Russia, right now. Fortunately for us, Russia has been ignoring our insults and acts of war which include demonization, subversion, election interference, funding hundreds of 5th column organisations inside Russia (NGOs), coups d'État, economic sanctions, theft, military threats combined with shooting wars, sabotage and assassinations. We are currently training Ukrainian Nazis who carry out our dirty work in Lugansk, Donetsk and in Russia itself. It is what we do here in the "Free World". We never stop. Russia has been one of our perennial enemies since Tsarist times. Our "defence" industries, especially the military, need enemies, not peace. We don't want friends. Vassals buy weapons to defend themselves. Peace is bad for business.

More to come.

1956, The World in Revolt
Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War
Eminent Churchillians
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