Saturday, July 15, 2017


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by Morley Evans


Medicine today has it backwards. Perhaps it has always been like this. The aim of doctors is to be respected and to enjoy a nice life. Doctors create disease, shorten life and make sure their kind will be needed in perpetuity. Avoid them. Doctors are not your partners in health. What they call "healthcare" has nothing to do with health.

Am I unfairly generalising? 

I have yet to meet a doctor who will denounce the harm another doctor has done or will do anything to reform the system. No one will even admit the system is broken. I have not met one doctor who has an ounce of sympathy (28.3495231 grammes). Doctors have not even one gramme! Not even one milligramme. Even the good doctors who have saved me from what the bad doctors have done to me have defended the system with their silence. Most doctors have attacked me. 

I no longer trust my enemies with my life. The medical system will have to collapse to be reformed and it will collapse. Soon. What and who helps patients will survive. The rest will be thrown into the fire.

If what I say is wrong, I invite any doctor to stand up to be counted. No takers? That proves my point, doesn't it?

There are thousands of alternatives to what doctors offer. Some of them are effective. You must actively strive to become healthy.

With the exceptions of Dr Carl Reich (Calgary) and Dr Frederick Cenaiko (Wakaw), all of the doctors I have seen in the past 70 years were in Regina, Canada. I have lived in places as far away as Kyoto, Los Angeles, and London, England. I did not have or need a doctor there. ONLY IN REGINA. Why is that??

I cannot comment directly on doctors elsewhere, but I am certainly qualified to judge the doctors (and dentists) and their medical organisations here. The internet has given people like me a voice. Medical malpractice victims scream out across the United States and as far away as Australia on the other side of the world. Our complaints are uniform. There are millions of us.


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