Friday, July 21, 2017


© MMXVII V.1.0.0
by Morley Evans

Paul Craig Roberts


A small foreign country with fewer than nine million people controls these critical institutions of world power:

  • the U.S. governments from top to bottom
  • the entire western brainwashing system
  • the "evangelical" Christian churches
  • the U.S. military-industrial complex

The goal of the people who control this small country is not merely the domination of the planet but the destruction of life on earth. Everything. That means you, pilgrim.

Before WWII began, a few people were asking "Why should a shitty little country get to start a world war?" They were talking about Poland at the time. WWII slaughtered several hundred million people and destroyed entire countries.

WWIII will kill all of us and turn our home, planet earth, into a radioactive cinder.

Before WWI began, Serbia was the shitty little country where a match was struck inside a tinderbox and hundreds of millions were killed.

Today, people in the know are asking the same question with a different little country in mind.

I would advise you to wake up. There may still be time to stop this. You'd better hope it's not too late. But knowing human nature, you'll probably be asleep or watching TV game shows when your end comes.

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