Saturday, July 22, 2017


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by Morley Evans

Morley Evans

THERE ARE TWO TYPES of medicine today treating two very different conditions. These conditions are 1). acute injury and 2). chronic disease. Acute injuries are found in war zones and in traffic collisions. The medical treatment administered to treat acute injuries is very good. Lives are saved. Doctors are on their toes. The medical treatment administered to treat chronic disease in horrible. Most doctors in developed countries are dealing with chronic diseases such as heart disease, pain, cancer, diabetes, obesity, depression, insomnia, allergy, flu, common cold, etc, etc, most of the time. The astronomically expensive cost of this kind of medicine is not merely unnecessary. Such medicine is a racket.

Most doctors are not Albert Schweitzer. But they all pretend they are. Most doctors are not motivated by altruism and the human instincts to relieve suffering. But they all pretend they are. Most doctors are incapable of heroic medicine. Most doctors are mere pill pushers. Failure is the hallmark of what most do. Most doctors make things worse with their nostrums and treatments. When their patients die, they say, "We did everything we could to save him/her. It was an act of God." Sure, Doc. So much for the miracle cures advertised each night on TV news — that is propaganda which is largely sponsored and paid for by pharmaceutical companies, the handmaidens of the medical industry.

As good as Modern Medicine is at treating acute injuries in war zones, there is a way to prevent them altogether. DO NOT GO TO WAR. Duh.


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