Friday, July 14, 2017


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by Morley Evans

Most Americans, and everyone else, believe that the United States saved the world in both World Wars I and II. Even British people believe this. Someone asked this question at Quora.

Were the Brits completely incompetent in World War Two, losing every battle until the United States intervened?

These were some answers:

While the United States did reap the rewards of these wars and did go on to establish the largest world-wide empire in history this question can only be asked by someone who is ignorant of what was done by the British and the British Empire and by the people of the Soviet Union and the Republic of China.

They would have to be ignorant about what the USA actually didThey would have to be ignorant of Germany and Japan. Does anyone know that horse teams moved the Wehrmacht Hees (army)? Or that neither Germany nor Japan had oceans of oil and gasoline like the allies?

Successful American cultural imperialism is responsible for misinforming people. Hollywood does make good movies. They can seem more real than real life. Rock-n-Roll has dominated music since the mid 1950s. Wall Street dominates finance.

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