Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Somebody Loves Me

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by Morley Evans

My history is unusual: I was sick and unable to work from 1992 until 2000 when I had a stroke and was in a coma. I had Iatrogenesis. After my life was saved, I spent the next ten years recovering. Everything I do is focussed on recovery — life is physiotherapy: food, sleep, exercise, writing, problem-solving, church. I have recovered my health. I'm healthier today than I have ever been. Now I'm recovering my finances. At 64, I am starting a new life when most people are wrapping up their own lives. Pretty girls smile at me. I am very lucky.

I write and publish an article every day. I am well established on the Internet. "Morley Evans" takes the top ten places — and more — out of 36,700,000 results in Google. That is better than nothing for ten years of work. My new website, Fitness Health Happiness is number one out of 58,600,000 results in Google after only a week. I'll focus on good news in my new website and see what I can learn to earn some cash.

I am slow and analytical. I have learned to be patient. That is a handicap in sales, but I have been overcoming handicaps all of my life. If you are familiar with the Count of Monte Cristo, you will know that Edmond Dantès worked day and night for years to dig himself out of the stone prison, the Chateau d'If, but he escaped in a moment of inspired luck and quick thinking to claim the fortune, become the Count, and avenge the injustice he suffered. That may be my fate too. I've been lucky so far. Someone is watching over me.

Monday, February 27, 2012

What Killed Steve Jobs?

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by Morley Evans

The short answer is: the liver transplant killed him.

Susan Silberstein, PhD, Editor
What Really Killed Steve Jobs?

Steve Jobs introduced the Apple II computer in 1977, the same year that the Center for Advancement in Cancer Education was founded after the tragic cancer death of Susan Silberstein's young husband,  35 years ago this February.

This past October, Jobs died of pancreatic cancer, first diagnosed about eight years earlier. He had a rare form of the disease -- an islet cell neuroendocrine tumor -- which generally grows much more slowly than the more common, deadlier adenocarcinoma of the pancreas.  (The latter usually has a life expectancy of one year and is deemed incurable by conventional standards.) With Jobs' tumor, surgery is potentially curative in early stage disease.

Always a risk-taker, Jobs delayed surgery for nine months and pursued acupuncture, juicing, herbal remedies, and a vegan diet. Many believe that the alternative therapies were useless and that the surgical delay caused the disease to spread.  Not Dr. John McDougall.  According to The McDougall Newsletter, the cancer had probably been growing for decades before Jobs' diagnosis in 2003, it had metastasized when he was a young man, and it was "unstoppable by any means." McDougall believes that Jobs' vegan diet probably prolongued his life and that his doctors' pressure to re-introduce meat probably hastened his demise.( )

While surgical speculations abound, we at believe another important factor was at work: It is very likely that his liver transplant actually killed him.

Transplant patients are given immuno-suppressive drugs to prevent their bodies from rejecting foreign tissue. According to Nicholas Nissen, assistant director of the Multi Organ Transplant Program at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, "Immune-suppressing drugs may increase the risk of the cancer coming back, and if it does come back, it may be harder to fight." 

The immuno-surveillance theory, first expounded in the 1970s, plays a major role in the BeatCancer philosophy and is beginning to command increasing attention among some medical professionals.  The approach suggests that a prime factor in cancer is a breakdown in the immune function of the body. 

In a striking case described by Ronald Glasser in The Body is the Hero, a kidney with undetected cancer cells was transplanted into a patient. A few days after the customary course of immuno-suppressive therapy, the transplanted kidney was found to have a cancerous mass, and metastatic tumors were detected in both lungs. There was no choice but to discontinue the immuno-suppressive drugs.  Within days, the patient's immune system normalized and the tumors began to shrink.  Of course, rejection set in, the transplanted kidney had to be removed, and the patient was put back on dialysis; but he survived without any further evidence of cancer.

This important piece of evidence should be considered by every oncologist, as its implications for cancer therapy are significant. Whether or not chemotherapy is administered, the real determinant of survival is how well the body's immune system functions.  At, we help patients every day to optimize immune system  performance.  To take advantage of our individualized telephone counseling services (offered on a donation basis), call 610-642-4810.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dodge City

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by Morley Evans

When pharmaceutical doctors I have known don't know something (which is frequent) they use these three dodges:

1). your condition is genetic meaning they can blame your parents
2). your condition is an auto-immune disorder meaning they can blame forces beyond anyone's control or understanding
3). your condition is psychosomatic meaning they can blame you "It's all in your head." They can refer you to a psychiatrist who could have you committed in some jurisdictions.

Being omniscient and omnipotent a pharmaceutical doctor can never say,"I don't know." Like soothsayers and other clairvoyants pharmaceutical doctors know everything about you as soon as you meet. Your doctor will know four or even five exotic and impressive-sounding words for every condition to remind you that he (or she) is a doctor who went for years to medical school. Medical schools only admit the exceptionally gifted and superior as everyone knows. But you would be better off going to a veterinarian who must know something about many species from horses, dogs, parakeets and cows to goldfish. A vet cannot con any of his patients, so he doesn't develop that capacity. Of course, a vet can con an animal's owner.

Letter to a Mom

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by Morley Evans

Dear Toshiko,

I was sorry to hear you had a cold today, which you said Jack brought home from school. Please let me say something about winter colds and flu. We live north of the north 40th parallel. All of Japan except Hokkaido is south of the north 40th parallel. China is south of 40th too. Manchuria, Siberia and Outer Mongolia are north of 40. 

All of Canada is north of the north 49th parallel. Nothing in Saskatchewan grows here nine months out of twelve. Practically nothing we eat grows here which means that everything must be frozen, canned or preserved in some way. Fresh food comes from California and Mexico in summer and South Africa, Brazil, Chile, Australia and Japan in winter. Even our best fresh food is deficient, picked green and transported tens of thousands of miles.

We get almost no beneficial sunshine in Canada and we live inside all the time, even in summer. We wear clothing. We eat, sleep and work indoors. We drive around in cars where we get no sunshine and no exercise. Astronauts must exercise because in zero gravity the human body begins to deteriorate immediately. Modern living eliminates physical exertion. It is like going into outer space.

The pharmaceutical industry crows that we are living longer — and they are responsible. That isn't true. We are not living longer. Very few live past 100. But more of us may be living to old age. The aged are a profit farm for the pharmaceutical industry which has every older person taking five or six pharmaceutical products two or three times a day, prescribed by one or more pharmaceutical doctors. Cancer is skyrocketing. Cardiovascular disease (heart attacks and strokes) is skyrocketing. Alzheimer's disease and osteoporosis is common in the aged. Diabetes is endemic. 

Pharmaceutical medicine is a vast criminal empire. I dare them to answer my charge. They just ignore me, proving my point which is they could not care less about us, they only care about money.

Our chronic diseases are not the inevitable result of old age. They are the inevitable result of what we eat and what we do. As a species, a few of us of us have been living a "modern" lifestyle for less than thirty years, out of millions of years of evolution.

When I was a boy, not every family had a car. Now every person has at least one car. At the golf course people drive from hole to hole in motorized carts to play a game that doesn't require any physical exertion. Almost nobody ate in restaurants a few years ago. Now almost everyone eats in restaurants several times a week.

Pizza was a new thing in Regina when I was in Grade Nine. Now half the phone book is filled with pizza restaurants. When I was a boy, everyone had a garden. By 1962, no one had a garden. They were all mowing grass in summer and watching hockey on TV in winter.

Young athletes like Maria and Jack worry me. They face burn-out. I know a young girl at the gym who was a bundle of high energy when she was 17. She is burned out at 21. I know several women who subsist on popcorn so they won't get fat! Are you crazy, I ask? You might as well be eating nothing. They are eating nothing with salt and rancid butter. I've linked a couple of articles. 

There are many things we need to do to address the problems we face but these two are essential: 1). exercise the body and 2). provide adequate nutrition, including water. Please forward this to Maria's mom. Her daughters deserve to grow up to be healthy strong beautiful young women with beautiful babies.

I never get a cold or the flu. I don't take any pharmaceutical products, not even Aspirin. I learned my lesson the hard way. You don't have to.

- Morley

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Juice PLUS+ and Sports

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by Morley Evans

Exercise is good for us. Yes, of course! However, all athletes (and the parents of young athletes) need to understand the negative effects of exercise, and how to combat them through nutrition.
Juice Plus +Only one nutritional supplement has been clinically proven to do this: Juice Plus+. This is whyJuice Plus+ is the official nutritional support for the German, Swiss and Austrian teams training for the 2012 Olympics in London, as well as many other olympic and world class athletes around the world.

Juice Plus+ is the most thoroughly clinically studied and proven nutritional product in history, and has been tested on elite athletes in several different environments.
Two published articles, published in the Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise and the Journal of Nutrition, documented an in-depth study of 41 highly trained men (Austrian special forces, the 'Cobras') consuming Juice Plus+ for 28 weeks. Juice Plus+ was shown to completely nullify the oxidative stress experienced by these men while exercising to Vo2max80: Juice Plus+ Reduces Oxidative Stress in Elite Athletes.

One study demonstrated the effectiveness of Juice Plus+ on muscle function and oxidative stress in response to an acute bout of eccentric exercise: Eccentric Exercise and Juice Plus+.

In each of these studies, the all-important training effect was supported by Juice Plus+ while dramatically reducing the exercise-induced oxidative stress.

This article explains in more detail why nutrition is so important in sports: The Juice Plus+ in the Endurance Athlete (by David B. Phillips, M.D., Ironman Triathlete).

Juice Plus+ is worth serious consideration by all athletes and the parents of young athletes. These parents should take advantage of the Juice Plus+ Children's Health Study to provide Juice Plus+ free to their son/daughter for up to 3 years (as long as a parent or grandparent is a paying sponsor).

Official Juice Plus+ Video with Dr. David Phillips, M.D.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Nutrition and Exercise

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by Morley Evans

In recent years, it has become well-established that exercise produces increased free radical damage. As a result of ordinary metabolic processes, free radicals are produced by the mitochondria in our cells which, like tiny nuclear reactors, produce the energy we use that moves our muscles. Even sedentary people suffer damaging oxidative stress, along with the other damage that results from immobility. When we exercise, more oxidative stress is produced. Think of it like the exhaust on a car. When a car engine is idling, less fuel is burned and there are fewer exhaust pollutants than when the car is racing at top speed. Free radicals damage an athlete’s body and reduce performance. Nutrition that is rich in anti-oxidants is essential to optimize athletic performance. Burn-out is real. Using will-power to force performance is self defeating and will take its toll after short-lived gains. No one wants to be old before his time. Here is Iron Man, Dr. David Phillips, on oxidative stress and athletic performance. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the foundation of good health. Did you get 7 to 13 servings today? Yesterday? When?

Sunday, February 19, 2012


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by Morley Evans

Jesus answered: “Man does not live by bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” (Matthew 4:4)
Be you Taoist, Confucian, Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist or Christian, you must feed your soul — you must practice. Swami Vivekananda taught that all roads lead to Rome and that every religion is a path to salvation that was established by one great teacher or another to help each pilgrim in the journey he or she embarked upon from the moment of birth.
To use another metaphor: religions serve soul food.
Wolves lurk here and there along the way, ready to ambush the unwary and lead them away to doom. Some are tempted away by temporal rewards by wealth, fame, popularity and power. Many wolves wear sheep’s clothing. They reveal themselves only when they are ready to devour their victims. The world is indeed a dangerous place. Beware of power structures and authority figures. The most respectable are sometimes the least respectable.
All religions point to a greater reality than what everyone encounters in daily life. All religions recommend helping someone who has less, someone who occupies a lower social station. No religion advocates conquest and plunder of the weak by the strong.
Everyone must seek the way to salvation.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tower Garden

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by Morley Evans

NSA, manufacturer of Juice PLUS+, has introduced a new product: The Tower Garden which allows you to grow your organic, nutrient-dense, fruits and vegetables at home yourself!

The Tower Garden

NSA Juice PLUS+ Tower Garden

Tower Garden Introduction - YouTube

Jan Young Tower Garden

You can listen to this WAVE file on Windows Media Player or iTunes to hear Jan Young tell the Joan Johns Juice PLUS+ network about the Tower Garden system. Download time: 4 minutes!

Grow your own food right at home. You don't even need to drive to the grocery store! Save Time! Save Money! EAT HEALTHY!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

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by Morley Evans

Steve Jobs

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by Morley Evans

Steve Jobs
Why did Steve Jobs Die?

Dr. McDougall offers some useful insights here about Steve Jobs's cancer in particular and cancer in general.

The overall consensus was, and still is, that Jobs acted selfishly, stupidly, and irresponsibly by being a vegan. But, he lived more than 30 years with cancer of the pancreas. (His medical treatments did little or nothing to prolong his life, and caused him great misery at huge expense.)

We might also consider the possibility that the cancer treatments Jobs undertook shortened his life. We might consider they did less than nothing since all "conventional" cancer treatments, radiation, surgery and chemotherapy, themselves, cause cancer. Encouraging Jobs to start eating animal products was not helpful.

Please don't start taking your family to Burger King and McDonald's.

Read Dr. McDougall's booklet here: