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Fruits and Vegetables

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by Morley Evans

Dear Gladys,

You and I have had completely opposite experiences with the pharmaceutical industry.

On one hand, you were a pharmacist with your own business. On the other hand, the pharmaceutical industry tortured me for eight years, nearly killed me, and threw away 18 years of my life — with a laugh and a sneer. I am unusual. I have a new life. Most victims of the pharmaceutical industry are dead.

Despite that, I think there are many honest and conscientious pharmacists and doctors who care about their patients. My experience over the last ten years tells me that organized medicine in Canada is completely corrupt: Not one person who is responsible for protecting people in Canada was or is interested in what happened to me. Not even one. They all stand convicted by their actions and their inaction: doctors, pharmaceutical companies, lawyers, government regulators, legislators and the media.

People who survive what the Canadian "health care" system does to them are naturally grateful and believe their doctors are wonderful. I was one of them. I was thankful until I discovered in 2001 what had happened to me:

No one in a responsible position cares to know about what happened. Few others, including my own family, care to know either. Kathy listened. Kathy knows what the doctors are like here in Regina. They killed Carl and nothing will ever be done about it. I specialize in looking at corrupt systems. I've never seen anything worse than what we have in Canada. Regina may be the worst place of all. Someday, decent doctors and pharmacists will stand up to be counted. Merck is the worst pharmaceutical company, followed closely by Pfizer. Johnson & Johnson is the best: they care about what they do.

Where are we? We Canadians are on the endangered species list. We have a very low birth rate. We live north of 40 where very little food we eat is grown. We get little or no sunshine. Doctors have always advised people to avoid Vitamins, especially Vitamin D. When we get sick, we go to a doctor who prescribes medicine to alleviate symptoms. When new symptoms appear, doctors prescribe something on top of what has already been prescribed. Most elderly people are taking five or six pills twice a day — or more, prescribed by one or more doctors. Elderly people are warehoused in homes where they are fed hospital food. The rest of us eat food that is canned, frozen or processed. Fresh food comes from California and Mexico in the summer and South Africa, Brazil, Chile, Japan and Australia in winter. Bananas come from Central America year-round. We live in a soup of man-made chemicals that didn't exist sixty years ago. We get next-to-no exercise and now they are selling motorized scooters for people who can no longer walk!

Our health-related problems — diabetes, cancer, arthritis and cardiovascular disease — are not the inevitable result of aging. They are the inevitable result of what we eat and don't eat, our sedentary lives, and chemicals that pollute our air and our food. Radiation is a problem and medical radiation is the greatest source. Mammograms cause breast cancer. Dentists are very careful with radiation. Doctors are completely ignorant.

What we do DOES NOT WORK. Forty years ago, President Nixon declared war on cancer and allocated billions for cancer research. Approximately, 250,000 Americans died then of cancer each year. After untold billions have been spent, approximately 500,000 Americans die of cancer each year now. Canada is the same or worse. The cancer industry is tremendously successful at raising money. It is an abysmal failure at everything else. The heart and stroke industry is exactly the same. Diabetes and obesity continue to rise. There is no cure. Arthritis afflicts most of the elderly. There is no cure.

Most complaints presented to doctors are misdiagnosed and maltreated. Family Doctors in Regina are the stupidest people I have met anywhere and I have been all over the world (where I didn't need a doctor, by the way). They are the gatekeepers for Medicare. Einstein said "The only thing worse than ignorance is arrogance." Doctors here have both problems. When you go to the doctor, you are playing Russian Roulette.

Death By Medicine:
Canadians may claim things are not as bad in Canada. They can only say that because Canadians are better at covering their tracks than Americans and Canadians look the other way when they do see something: "Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil."

Medicine in Canada IS THE NUMBER ONE EXPENSE, costing more than everything else combined. It is projected that "healthcare" will consume 80% of the Ontario budget in a few years. Saskatchewan and its government are owned by the doctors and the "healthcare" system, the inevitable result of Tommycare that was set up here in 1961 and then foisted on the rest of Canada.

Yet, there are doctors who have for decades been arresting, reversing and curing chronic diseases that "conventional" medicine cannot cure. They all prescribe a plant-based diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Here are three and there are more:

You are on the right track with your fruit smoothie every morning, Gladys. Dr. Matt Brown, MD, who came to Regina recently, told the Prevention PLUS+ audience that he has a stent to open one of his arteries and that he now eats fruits and vegetables plus Juice PLUS+ every day. Dr. Brown is a competitive cyclist and has been a national champion. Dr. Tamara Sachs, MD, explained in an interview last night why it is important to eat Juice PLUS+ with a diet filled with a rainbow variety of fruits and vegetables. Juice PLUS+ bridges the gap between what we do eat and what we should eat.

Why would our diets be deficient if we eat prodigious amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables? WE LIVE NORTH OF 40. Our food is picked green and travels tens of thousands of miles to get to us. It may look fresh, but it is not as good as it would be if it were allowed to ripen and if it were eaten as soon as it is picked. Our fresh food is a miracle of modern food handling, but it isn't fresh. Our green house tomatoes are "notional" tomatoes providing the notion of a tomato without being real tomatoes.

Juice PLUS+ is supported by 23 gold-standard, randomized, peer-reviewed, placebo-controlled, cross-over studies that have been conducted by leading scientists at leading medical centres in universities around the world and then published in leading medical journals. Juice PLUS+ is tested on real people, not on lab rats, in vitro, or by proxy. Juice PLUS+ quality is certified by NSF. More studies are currently underway.
No other pharmaceutical or nutraceutical product can make those claims:

Doctors frequently prescribe pharmaceutical drugs "off label" for unapproved uses that have never been tested. Doctors ignore Adverse Drug Reactions called "side effects" too and then prescribe more pharmaceutical drugs to treat them. None of this has ever been studied or approved by anyone. In Regina, anything goes, if you're a doctor.

Juice PLUS+ is food. Juice PLUS+ is superfood. Watch "Bridging the Gap".

- Morley

P.S.: Next we'll examine the doctrine of accessories after the fact and apply it to corrupt systems such as Canadian "healthcare".

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