Sunday, February 5, 2012


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by Morley Evans
Egyptian police defending themselves from Egyptians 2012
Militaries everywhere exist to protect countries from other countries. The police everywhere exist to protect citizens from other citizens. Do they really? They do sometimes, but they mostly exist to protect the ruling élite and the state system — The Man. Militaries and police (and courts and jails) do not exist mostly to protect the citizens.

When most of the citizens believe The Man serves their interests, they are controlled by propaganda which ensures people do what their owners want. These dupes think they are part of the system, even if they are not. Only a few are actually members of the élite.

Britons, Australians and Canadians are, like Americans, the most brain-washed people on earth and in history.

Very little is required to control populations in Anglo-America because they believe The Man serves them. This idea is reinforced minute by minute by the mass media. They think they live in the "Free World." They think most of the rest of the world's eight billion live in the Third World or someplace else: The Second World? Examining these countries, we find stratified societies. They are pyramidal layer cakes. People in Anglo-America are the same as everywhere.

Canadian aboriginal people, who are about 4% the Canadian population, do not think they are part of the system: municipal police and the RCMP do not protect and serve them. Native Americans are about 1% of the American population. American blacks are about 12% of the population. Half of the young men in such groups are unemployed. American blacks do not believe they are part of the system. They know the state apparatus exists to protect the people above them in the social layer cake. Prisons are disproportionately filled with the underclass. "Life is all right in America if you're all white in America." These populations can be divided into white and black for simple classification of the übermenschen and üntermenschen, but things are never so simple:

Many young white men in Scotland, Ireland and England today find themselves with no property and no prospects. "God save the Queen?" For hundreds of years, they were shipped off to the Americas, South Africa and Australia because they were "surplus population". Irish who came to the United States in the nineteenth century were lower than the blacks there because they competed with blacks for jobs at the bottom of the barrel. Irish worked for less. This describes society in Boston:

And this is good old Boston,
The home of the bean and the cod,
Where the Lowells talk only to Cabots
And the Cabots talk only to God.

After the Irish Joseph P. Kennedy dynasty took over Boston, the song could be sung about them.

Today, the U.S. Empire dominates the world and the people who run the Empire control the üntermenschen by controlling the übermenschen. In Egypt, for example, the police in the photo above are being stoned by Egyptians who are sick and tired of being treated like garbage, starved, shot, tortured, and beaten. The military junta that succeeded Mubarak is — like Mubarak was — financed by and beholden to the CIA. In Syria and Bahrain tanks and machine guns are being used to quell unrest, not tear gas and rubber bullets. This is the colonial model of the British Empire which set up minorities inside minorities to control majorities.

Whatever happens, we have got
The Maxim gun, and they have not.

Who runs the United States of America? The American power centres are Wall Street and the Federal Reserve System, the Military-Industrial Complex, and the Israel lobby to which almost every Member of Congress and the President of the United States owes his (or her) ass. A cryptocracy does run the United States and the world. Unseen people who are not elected do run everything. Their main task is keeping unrest under their control and themselves in clover. The middle class where you probably live if you are reading this is nothing to the élite. The middle class would return to the lower class where the élite thinks the middle class belongs. The world would return to its usual structure with a few on top and everyone else on the bottom, controlled by a few guards. Of course the mass on the bottom is "surplus population" to the élite. With modern machines the élite can do without most of them. They wouldn't even need slaves. Do you imagine you would be in the top ranks of such a world? Think again. Your fate is with the people on the bottom — the 99%. You should want to help the üntermenschen to rise so you won't fall into the pit where they live. Your self-interest is also your Christian duty as it always was.

As I write this today, our "leaders" are busy engineering WW III with Russia and China on one side and the "Free World" on the other. If they succeed, the world's population will be reduced and you and hundreds of millions of others will be gone. Several hundred million were killed in the twentieth century wars. Twenty-first century wars will kill more. Weapons are more lethal. You had better join the anti-War movement. Don't be fooled. Our "leaders" don't care about the suffering people in Syria, or anywhere else. THEY ARE BEHIND THE SUFFERING. They do not care about you and they never did. When our "leaders" ask you to support their new war, tell them, "You can go to Hell. We aren't going there."

Of course, one can reassure oneself that nothing like this is going to happen. People reassured themselves in 1914 and in 1939 as some do before every war, but bad things do happen. 

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