Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Steve Jobs

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by Morley Evans

Steve Jobs
Why did Steve Jobs Die?

Dr. McDougall offers some useful insights here about Steve Jobs's cancer in particular and cancer in general.

The overall consensus was, and still is, that Jobs acted selfishly, stupidly, and irresponsibly by being a vegan. But, he lived more than 30 years with cancer of the pancreas. (His medical treatments did little or nothing to prolong his life, and caused him great misery at huge expense.)

We might also consider the possibility that the cancer treatments Jobs undertook shortened his life. We might consider they did less than nothing since all "conventional" cancer treatments, radiation, surgery and chemotherapy, themselves, cause cancer. Encouraging Jobs to start eating animal products was not helpful.

Please don't start taking your family to Burger King and McDonald's.

Read Dr. McDougall's booklet here:


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