Monday, February 20, 2012

Nutrition and Exercise

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by Morley Evans

In recent years, it has become well-established that exercise produces increased free radical damage. As a result of ordinary metabolic processes, free radicals are produced by the mitochondria in our cells which, like tiny nuclear reactors, produce the energy we use that moves our muscles. Even sedentary people suffer damaging oxidative stress, along with the other damage that results from immobility. When we exercise, more oxidative stress is produced. Think of it like the exhaust on a car. When a car engine is idling, less fuel is burned and there are fewer exhaust pollutants than when the car is racing at top speed. Free radicals damage an athlete’s body and reduce performance. Nutrition that is rich in anti-oxidants is essential to optimize athletic performance. Burn-out is real. Using will-power to force performance is self defeating and will take its toll after short-lived gains. No one wants to be old before his time. Here is Iron Man, Dr. David Phillips, on oxidative stress and athletic performance. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the foundation of good health. Did you get 7 to 13 servings today? Yesterday? When?

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