Sunday, February 26, 2012

Letter to a Mom

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by Morley Evans

Dear Toshiko,

I was sorry to hear you had a cold today, which you said Jack brought home from school. Please let me say something about winter colds and flu. We live north of the north 40th parallel. All of Japan except Hokkaido is south of the north 40th parallel. China is south of 40th too. Manchuria, Siberia and Outer Mongolia are north of 40. 

All of Canada is north of the north 49th parallel. Nothing in Saskatchewan grows here nine months out of twelve. Practically nothing we eat grows here which means that everything must be frozen, canned or preserved in some way. Fresh food comes from California and Mexico in summer and South Africa, Brazil, Chile, Australia and Japan in winter. Even our best fresh food is deficient, picked green and transported tens of thousands of miles.

We get almost no beneficial sunshine in Canada and we live inside all the time, even in summer. We wear clothing. We eat, sleep and work indoors. We drive around in cars where we get no sunshine and no exercise. Astronauts must exercise because in zero gravity the human body begins to deteriorate immediately. Modern living eliminates physical exertion. It is like going into outer space.

The pharmaceutical industry crows that we are living longer — and they are responsible. That isn't true. We are not living longer. Very few live past 100. But more of us may be living to old age. The aged are a profit farm for the pharmaceutical industry which has every older person taking five or six pharmaceutical products two or three times a day, prescribed by one or more pharmaceutical doctors. Cancer is skyrocketing. Cardiovascular disease (heart attacks and strokes) is skyrocketing. Alzheimer's disease and osteoporosis is common in the aged. Diabetes is endemic. 

Pharmaceutical medicine is a vast criminal empire. I dare them to answer my charge. They just ignore me, proving my point which is they could not care less about us, they only care about money.

Our chronic diseases are not the inevitable result of old age. They are the inevitable result of what we eat and what we do. As a species, a few of us of us have been living a "modern" lifestyle for less than thirty years, out of millions of years of evolution.

When I was a boy, not every family had a car. Now every person has at least one car. At the golf course people drive from hole to hole in motorized carts to play a game that doesn't require any physical exertion. Almost nobody ate in restaurants a few years ago. Now almost everyone eats in restaurants several times a week.

Pizza was a new thing in Regina when I was in Grade Nine. Now half the phone book is filled with pizza restaurants. When I was a boy, everyone had a garden. By 1962, no one had a garden. They were all mowing grass in summer and watching hockey on TV in winter.

Young athletes like Maria and Jack worry me. They face burn-out. I know a young girl at the gym who was a bundle of high energy when she was 17. She is burned out at 21. I know several women who subsist on popcorn so they won't get fat! Are you crazy, I ask? You might as well be eating nothing. They are eating nothing with salt and rancid butter. I've linked a couple of articles. 

There are many things we need to do to address the problems we face but these two are essential: 1). exercise the body and 2). provide adequate nutrition, including water. Please forward this to Maria's mom. Her daughters deserve to grow up to be healthy strong beautiful young women with beautiful babies.

I never get a cold or the flu. I don't take any pharmaceutical products, not even Aspirin. I learned my lesson the hard way. You don't have to.

- Morley

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