Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Somebody Loves Me

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by Morley Evans

My history is unusual: I was sick and unable to work from 1992 until 2000 when I had a stroke and was in a coma. I had Iatrogenesis. After my life was saved, I spent the next ten years recovering. Everything I do is focussed on recovery — life is physiotherapy: food, sleep, exercise, writing, problem-solving, church. I have recovered my health. I'm healthier today than I have ever been. Now I'm recovering my finances. At 64, I am starting a new life when most people are wrapping up their own lives. Pretty girls smile at me. I am very lucky.

I write and publish an article every day. I am well established on the Internet. "Morley Evans" takes the top ten places — and more — out of 36,700,000 results in Google. That is better than nothing for ten years of work. My new website, Fitness Health Happiness is number one out of 58,600,000 results in Google after only a week. I'll focus on good news in my new website and see what I can learn to earn some cash.

I am slow and analytical. I have learned to be patient. That is a handicap in sales, but I have been overcoming handicaps all of my life. If you are familiar with the Count of Monte Cristo, you will know that Edmond Dantès worked day and night for years to dig himself out of the stone prison, the Chateau d'If, but he escaped in a moment of inspired luck and quick thinking to claim the fortune, become the Count, and avenge the injustice he suffered. That may be my fate too. I've been lucky so far. Someone is watching over me.

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