Sunday, November 15, 2009

Turning Point

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Medicine may be at a turning point today similar to where it was at the beginning of the 20th century. Back then, most doctors were reluctant to accept that germs had anything to do with illness. They fought the idea. Doctors would go from the autopsy table to the delivery room without even washing their hands! Viruses were largely unknown until after the Second World War. Not much is known about viruses even now. Believe it or not.

Society's number one expense, medicine, is in a crisis. Medical doctors and their partners in the pharmaceutical industry have come a cropper. They are unable to solve the riddles of cardiovascular disease, cancer or even the common cold. Despite unrelenting propaganda to the contrary, not every doctor can work miracles.

Doctors have resisted the idea that nutrition has anything to do with illness, despite Dr. Goldberger [1] having cured Pellagra with vegetables 94 years ago and British sailors being cured of Scurvy [2] with limes and other citrus fruit three hundred years ago. Yet a doctor's opinion is valued above all others, as always. Why? Doctors prescribed mercury pills for the Chin emperor [3] so he would enjoy immortality and doctors would have prescribed more hokum for the Pharaohs before that. Quackery is well established with the established.

Happily, a few doctors today have seen the light on nutrition and some important doctors [4] have endorsed Juice Plus+ [5] and the science that supports it. A word of caution though is that "science" also supports pharmaceutical nostrums such as Statins that doctors prescribe every day. Notwithstanding past errors, one day soon nutrition will be endorsed by "main-stream" medicine. A quiet revolution may be underway.


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