Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dr. Raúl García

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Dr. Raúl García
1-1401 Dewdney Ave.
(Pasqua Hospital)
Regina SK S4T1A5
FAX: (306) 522-8252

CC: Dr. Carmela Giocoli

Date: 20091119
RE: eye surgery

Dear Dr. García,

You operated to repair a small retinal tear at the top of my right eye on 28 July of this year. I want to thank you for the time and attention you gave me. I have had some very bad experiences with doctors here in Regina. You are head and shoulders above them, I am pleased to say.

I just now posted an evaluation at

“In July 2009, Dr. Garcia repaired a small tear in my retina after a referral by Dr. Giocoli, my optometrist. I had a short wait of only a few days before seeing Dr. Garcia. I found his clinic excellent, clean and well-managed. Surgery went very well. Dr. Garcia and his assistant took time to very carefully examine my eye during the post-op examination a month after surgery. I wish some other doctors I have endured here in Regina were up to Dr. Garcia's standards. He could give them some lessons.”

Some other comments on that site criticize you for not being warm and charming. The doctors who caused me so much trouble were warm and charming. You have nothing to learn from them.

- Morley Evans


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