Friday, November 20, 2009

Fort Hood Massacre

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Of course, Nidal Hasan is insane and his insanity was doubtless cultivated by his religion [whatever that might be]. Hasan finally resorted to violence. Shocking, but not surprising. So what about the ten or fifteen thousand soldiers at Fort Hood, TX? Are they there to meditate on the gospel? Is peace and love their main preoccupation? Well actually, no. Fort Hood is their final stop before they are sent off to kill and maim people in Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan and someday soon Iran. They wear uniforms, march around, shoot at targets, undergo indoctrination, learn how to inflict pain and death, and follow orders as they do their best to become homicidal maniacs. At least that is what their trainers would like most. Hasan wanted to get out of the Army. Doubtless, many other soldiers want to get out of the Army. But they will all go off to "do their duty" anyway.

Who is crazy here?

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