Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Viva Palestina 2009

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Viva Palestina has been organized by the British MP, George Galloway, to bring relief to the 1.5 million Palestinians who have been besieged for years in Gaza by Israel. Mysteriously, the Egyptian army seems to co-operate with the Israelis instead of helping their brethren.

It is not a mystery at all. It is the result of the Empire's politics. (The Empire? That's us.) Gamal Abdel Nasser was a big problem for the Empire and for Israel. Nasser was organizing the Arabs to fight for their rights. He had nationalized the Suez Canal. He was cozy with the Russians. So President LBJ helped the Israelis win the 6-Day War which destroyed Nasser and the pan Arab movement. The Israelis got nuclear weapons as a reward. How LBJ came to power is worth considering again: Did this happen? Kennedy was assassinated by a sniper(s). The Mafia, who are usually implicated in the Kennedy assassination conspiracy, don't use snipers. But the Israelis, who are never mentioned, are infamous for their assassinations by snipers. Nasser was replaced with Anwar Sadat who was a long-standing CIA asset. Sadat made peace with Israel and Egypt became the recipient of billions of dollars from Uncle Sam which has mostly been used to buy weapons from U.S. defence contractors. So Egypt's government became a client of the Empire (that's us). After Sadat was assassinated by "militants" while Sadat presided over a national military celebration, the current Egyptian leader, Hosni Mubarak, came to power. He looks like a tough guy, and he is a tough guy, but he too is working for Uncle Sam and Israel. And that is a quick lesson in Imperial politics (that's us).

William Blum publishes his own web sight and writes books critical of U.S. foreign policy. Here is a page Pay special attention to the list of democratically-elected governments that have been replaced by the Empire. (The Empire? That's us. We are the good guys. Remember?)

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