Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ethnic Cleansing in Palestine

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The Zionists in Palestine have been getting away with murder since the Ottoman Empire was destroyed with the First World War. Before that, their activities were curbed by the Ottomans.

During the Balfour Declaration/League of Nations Mandate period, the British were just not as co-operative as the Zionists could have wished. But things really took off for them after the Second World War.

They were Free.

They could now commit murder with impunity. Their new patrons, the members of the U.S. Congress and the U.S. President, would even help them murder, rape, torture and steal by providing boodles of cash and by covering things up at the United Nations. The U.S. media would be an incredibly efficient propaganda organ for the new State of Israel too. That is what "independence" and "freedom" mean to Zionists. Their maniacal megalomania was free at last.

Free at last! It is all in Exodus, they claimed: They are God's Chosen People, the Master Race.

At 130 years and counting, Palestine is the worst, longest running, human rights disaster in history. Think about all the things that have happened during the period 1878 to 2008.

A few such things are: the Spanish American War; the Boer War (1 and 2); the Russo-Japanese War; the Great War (WW I); the Armenian Genocide; the Russian Revolution; ethnic cleansing of Germans in eastern Europe; the Second World War (WW II); the division of India and Pakistan; the Chinese Revolution; the Korean War; the War in Vietnam, Biafra, Bosnia, and Rawanda. Millions have been killed in wars and ethnic cleansing related to forceable relocation and extermination. Yet all of these disasters started and ended in a few months or in a few years. The Second World War, which was the greatest bloodbath in history, lasted six years and ended over sixty-three years ago. WW II was a holocaust that included the Holocaust.

The first Zionist colony was established by the Rothschilds in Palestine in 1878. The colonists have always intended to remove the Palestinians — replacing them with Jews who were also Zionists. Zionism is an atheistic racist-paranoiac ideology. Like gangrene, Zionism has destroyed Palestine, killing and dispossessing Palestinians decade after decade while it has subsumed the Jewish religion itself. Today, all that is left of Palestine is the West Bank and Gaza. They have been occupied and under siege for years. Gaza may be gone soon, with its people either killed or removed. That has been the remorseless and vicious Zionist plan for 130 years.

It has nothing to do with you?

Are you a member of the Master Race? No? Then you, yourself, are on the list along with the Palestinians, Lebanese, Syrians. . . . You might not be next, but they are patient. Your time, or your children's time, will come unless they are stopped.

Our attention in the West has been diverted to the hundreds of other human rights crises around the world. We worry about Darfur and Myanmar. We worry about "global warming" and the golden toad. We don't consider Palestine. The media, which favours the Zionist point of view, and is owned by Zionists and their friends, is largely responsible for the general ignorance about the subject.

Why does this matter to Christians? Palestine is the Holy Land. Palestine is the home of the Bible and the birthplace of Jesus. Palestinians were the original Christians. Palestine is the home of the original Christian churches. Christians are pledged to love: Christians cannot sit idly and condone torture and murder on a vast scale. Christians have a duty to stand up for what is right and to struggle against evil.

The most vigourous defenders of Palestine and its peoples (Muslims, Christians, Druze and Jews) are Jews who are not Zionists, bless them. Muslims? Ha! We don't listen to anything they say. Christians? Where are you? You have aligned yourself with Zionists. You either follow Pastor Hagee and his ilk or you are silent. You are following in the footsteps of the crusaders. Only "public opinion" restrains this evil. If you don't care, you are responsible for what happens.

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