Sunday, August 15, 2010

Casualties WW II

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by Morley Evans

The next time you pin a poppy on your lapel and remember the great sacrifices we have made fighting wars to bring peace to the world, take a look at this chart. You will see who really made the sacrifices in WW II. Then please remember that China and the Soviet Union were our allies in WW II. Their reward? They immediately became our enemies for the next 65 years. Then they became our friends when the Muslims became our enemies just as Germany and Japan immediately had become our friends after WW II. (Oh, remember too that Japan was our ally in WW I and that both Germany and Austria were our allies against Napoleon not long before that.) Isn't that amazing? Even Yugoslavia made greater sacrifices than we did fighting fascism and militarism to make the world safe for freedom and democracy. Remember that on Remembrance Day, November 11th.

Ask yourself why a new World War in being concocted against the Muslims. Do you "support our troops"? Do you support our government which uses our troops to spread human rights, freedom and democracy and peace? Why?

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