Friday, August 13, 2010


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by Morley Evans

After my mother had had two ischemic strokes, for which they did nothing at Pasqua Hospital, she was transferred to Elmview. They did nothing for her at Elmview either, but they did recognize she had had a stroke (which Pasqua denied). Elmview referred her to Wascana Rehabilitation Hospital for therapy to help her recover from the stroke she hadn't had. I took her there every morning for six months. They helped her at Wascana. They gave her exercises to do for her brain and her body. They gave her homework, which she never did.

While my mother was at Elmview (in 2007), I was visiting with the woman at the reception desk there. I mentioned that Elmview was a much nicer place than it had been when my grandpa was there in the sixties. "Who was your grandpa," she asked? "Wilfred Silversides," I answered. "Oh, I remember him," she said. Sure you do, I thought. "Your grandma came to see him every day. Your grandma walked here, even in winter, because she didn't drive a car. Their house was on Thornton Avenue," she said. I guess she remembered them! I was amazed.

The health care system in Regina is unbelievably corrupt, but there are good people here who do good work too. Their hearts are in the right place which is the most important thing.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders? I sometimes watch games on TV in my living room where the weather is always nice and the drunken crazy fans with pumpkins on their heads are in Taylor Field far away. People support the health care system, government and crown corporations with the same enthusiasm here in Regina.

Have you ever heard of a psyop and psychological warfare? We'll talk about that next time . . .

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