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Rabbi Dovid Yisroel Weiss

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by Morley Evans

Rabbi Dovid Yisroel Weiss is a Haredi Jew.

He leads the Neturei Karta which favours returning Palestine to the Palestinians along with the peaceful dismantling of the "so-called State of 'Israel'". The Neturei Karta are Ashkenazi Jews, so are their oftentimes allies, Satmar and others. Until The Six Day War which LBJ engineered for "Israel", all the Orthodox Ashkenazi Rabbis opposed Zionism and the Zionist State. After that, as the United States adopted unconditional financial and military support for Israel, most Jews have made some accommodation with Zionism and its State. Sephardic Jews, like Conrad Black's wife, Barbara Amiel, have always supported Zionism.

Amiel is a great example of the marital strategy of Jewish colonialism: Jewish men marry Jewish women, Jewish women either marry Jewish men or they marry well-to-do connected and powerful Gentiles. Only children whose mothers are Jews are Jews.

The Neturei Karta sound pretty much like Christians to me. That is because they are "Torah True". They, like Jesus, follow Moses. In fact that is the definition of the Haredi, who claim to be direct spiritual descendants of Moses. "The word Haredi derives from the Hebrew word for fear (harada) and can be interpreted as 'one who trembles in awe of God.'"

Many Christians I know would benefit from a lesson from Rabbi Weiss and his friends about compassion and such things as the Golden Rule. Rabbi Weiss is much too modest to presume anything like that. He is constantly amazed to find that people do not hate Jews. He thought they did! Anti-Semitism is part of Jewish culture.

This is rather bizarre. Modern Judaism is Talmud, not Torah Judaism. It is descended from Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai who made a deal with the Romans around 80 CE. Ben Zakkai's sect was the only sectarian survivor of the Great Jewish Revolt. All others, even ben Zakkai's rival Pharisaic sects, disappeared at that point. All Jewish sects today are descended from the Talmudic school ben Zakkai established with the consent of Vespasian who went on to become Roman Emperor after he crushed the Jews. Vespasian is remembered by Jews today as being a moderate and just ruler. Indeed! Ashkenazim, who are descended from the Khazars who converted to Judaism hundreds of years later on the Steppes of Russia, are definitely descended from ben Zakkai.

As Ashkenazim, the Neturei Karta include the Talmud but emphasize the Torah. They cite the Talmud as forbidding Jews from establishing a "Jewish State" anywhere and they cite Moses and the Torah as their authority for condemning the conquest of Palestine.

The Zionist's favourite part of the Bible is the Conquest of Canaan which seems to support the conquest of Palestine. But does it really?

What if God recruited Moses to lead His people away from the slavery of state-level civilization in Pharaonic Egypt. Egypt and Mesopotamia were the first state-level civilizations, predating even India and China. What if His people were not building pyramids, but they were leading the "good life" in Egypt? What if they were in thrall of the State, not God? What if they were worshipping false gods? Well, guess what? They were! That is how they would have been enslaved.

Out in the desert, Moses had many revolts to quell. "Did you bring us here to kill us," they would complain? When Moses returned from Mount Sinai with their marching orders, for example, His people had melted down their gold (Where did they get gold?) and cast a golden calf to worship. Everyone knows that story. Replicas of the tablets upon which God wrote the Ten Commandments are in every synagogue today.

Moses marched His people around in the desert for forty years trying to teach them the lesson most of them never figured out. They invaded Canaan after Moses died and before you know it, they had set up their own kingdom. From then on, it was the king and his court on one side and God and His prophets on the other. When His people failed to heed warnings, they were dragged off in chains first to Assyria and then Babylon. The people who periodically returned to the "Promised Land" to re-establish the kingdom, were committed to the kingdom, not to God. Then it would happen again and again.

So what is happening today is exactly what is in the Bible. Ironically, the most likely descendants of the Hebrews are Palestinians, not Zionists. They, Zionists, as the spiritual descendants of the Pharisees, can expect one day to be dragged off in chains to Babylon or maybe Antarctica where they will cool their heels until they try again the next time. There will always be a next time until the End of Time which will arrive unannounced someday "like a thief in the night." False prophets claim to know when it will happen and what will happen next. They don't.

While most people never get it, some people do get it. Moses got it. The Neturei Karta get it. Some Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus get it too.

God gave Moses ten Commandments. Seven are universal to all people. Jesus had one rule for all people: love your neighbour as yourself. Today's Pharisees have around 4,000 "laws" to control their subjects. Our governments have even more "laws" than that. They pass more "laws" every day in the legislatures and "regulations" in the bureaucracies. The Income Tax code, alone, is so complicated even accountants don't understand it. Our rulers say the law is whatever they say it is. This is feudalism.

This proves most people never get it, especially those who would control the rest of us.

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