Friday, August 13, 2010


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by Morley Evans

If one watches the telescreen these days, one will see reports about Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, a 43-year-old mother of two who is facing "death by stoning" for committing adultery in Iran. The "world" is outraged at this injustice and barbarity.

How do we know this "concern" is propaganda?

The main reason we know this for what it is is that our leaders are preparing us for World War III which they would start when they attack Iran. In order to do this, we, the home audience, must have our brains washed first. Then we will feel that we are doing the right thing. We will feel that we will be defending women everywhere, even if we have to kill millions of women, children, elderly and non combatants to do it.

Second, we, the United States and its allies (us), have already killed hundreds of thousands in Iraq and Afghanistan, countries which flank Iran on the west and the east. We have been funding "liberation organizations" inside Iran for years. They assassinate people and foment chaos.

Since the first Gulf War, we have killed hundreds of thousands in the region. We don't care one bit about them. We even helped both sides in the Iraq-Iran war a few years before that. We want to kill them. Why would we be concerned about one more person? 

Because we want to destroy Iran, that's why.

Why? Because we don't control Iran as much as we used to when the Shah ran things for us. Besides that, war is good for business, when your business is war. Third, Iran has lots of oil and it is the easiest rout to more oil in the Caspian basin. Most importantly, though, insubordination cannot be tolerated when one is running the world-wide Empire. It just can't, see? Saddam and Iraq had to be destroyed. They got uppity. They had to be destroyed as an example to the others. Finally, World War III will cull the human population, leaving a manageable remnant for our rulers to totally dominate, forever.

That's the plan, folks.

Stoning and beheading are brutal. The electric chair, gas chamber, lethal injection, firing squad, and hanging are humane. We used to stone our criminals too. It's in the Bible. That's where Muslims got the idea. We even beheaded criminals. We even burned them at them stake.

But now we are secular and humane. We don't even admit we torture people anymore. Now we care about stray dogs and cats. We want to save endangered species. We can see every sparrow that falls and we start up committees to save sparrows.

We are good. They are bad. Let's start World War III. Then everyone will be good and dead. There will be peace at last, as dispensationist "Christians" believe. OR we could do what Christians are supposed to do. We could stop supporting war. We could support peace. Right?

Don't forget that the implicit message underneath this is "Religion is Bad." All religion is bad. Islam, Christianity and Judaism are bad. Buddhism and Hinduism are bad too, but first things first. Our rulers believe that they come first. Our rulers believe they will bring Peace on Earth, even though they are directly responsible for all the wars. Our rulers believe they are God. Megalomania is a common problem with rulers — all rulers.

Back in the old days, the pharaohs thought they were God, so did Alexander, Qin Chi Huang (秦始皇) and the Roman Emperors. Then came the "divine right of kings". Kings and emperors have always either been gods or they have been anointed by God to rule everyone. More on this later. The important thing to remember is this: our rulers do not care about Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani and THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU. So wise up.

If you don't oppose evil, you'll deserve what you get and it's coming sooner than you think.