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Dealey Plaza

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by Morley Evans

This aerial shot of Dealey Plaza shows one set of possible shooters involved in the JFK ambush. Notice the parking lots available to shooters who could hide amongst trees, shoot, walk to their cars and drive away. Elm Street is truly a shooting gallery. Click for a large view. The assassination of JFK is completely different from the unsuccessful attempts made by John Hinkley (Reagan) or Squeaky Fromme (Ford). It is also completely different from the successful assassinations made by John Wilkes Booth (Lincoln), Leon Czolgosz (McKinley) and Charles J. Guiteau (Garfield). LBJ personally oversaw the parade route design down Main Street and argued for the peculiar and unnecessary turn at the end into Dealey Plaza that violated every security rule of the Secret Service. The night before, LBJ argued violently with JFK to keep his life long pal, Texas Governor John Connally, out of the death car. LBJ wanted his enemy, U.S. Senator Ralph Yarborough, to ride with Kennedy. As the motorcade turned right onto N. Houston St., the puzzled Secret Service agent riding on the right rear of the Presidential limo was ordered to dismount and walk. Lyndon Baines Johnson crouched low as the motorcade travelled along N. Houston St. towards the Texas School Book Depository where it would make a long slow left turn onto Elm Street and ride into history.

Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas

The President of the United States was under the protection of these police agencies in Dallas, Texas, on the day of the assassination, November 22, 1963: 1). the Dallas Police Department; 2). the Secret Service; 3). the Dallas County Sheriff's Department; and 4). the Federal Bureau of Investigation. While not a police department, itself, the C.I.A. was also active. None of these agencies protected John Fitzgerald Kennedy (or John Connally for that matter). The Chief of the Dallas Police Department, Jesse Curry, spent all of his time with Lyndon Baines Johnson rather than directing his police officers. All police investigations stopped after 70 minutes when Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested. Oswald wasn't protected either. The crime scene was not secured. Evidence was mishandled, altered, lost, or destroyed. The Secret Service stopped the autopsy at the Parkland Hospital in Dallas and illegally removed Kennedy's body (at gunpoint). Kennedy's body was shipped to the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, where an autopsy was performed by senior administrative officers who, though they were doctors, were not qualified to perform an autopsy. JFK's brain was removed as is standard practice and then lost. Doctors at Parkland Hospital testified that the back of JFK's head was blown off. A large occipital fragment was found on Elm Street after the shooting. Autopsy photos show the back of someone's head that is intact. Only facts that supported the theory that Lee Harvey Oswald alone was the assassin were admitted into evidence. Afraid they were going to be framed for the murder, the Soviet Union conducted its own (clandestine) investigation which lead to Lyndon Baines Johnson as the prime suspect. But what American would believe those commies in 1963? Johnson and his accomplices committed the perfect crime. They went on to lead the so-called "Free World" for the next fifty years. Most of the perpetrators are dead now but their successors are still in control. With the Soviet Union gone, they are working their latest scam, the War on Terror, and stockpiling billions or rounds of ammo in case people ever wake up. Some ask, "Why does JFK matter?" That's why.


The mayor [Earle Cabell] helped LBJ secure the loyalty of Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry. Strangely, Curry would appear at Johnson’s sleeve for all of the days in the aftermath of the president’s murder. It was clear that Johnson, through Curry, was controlling the Dallas Police Department.

Over one thousand deputies of the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department were called to their department auditorium on the morning of November 22 and told expressly, “You are in Dealey Plaza as observers. No matter what you see or hear, take no law enforcement action. You are there in respect for the presidency of the United States as observers and not law enforcement officers.”

This would explain the strange actions of the Dallas Police Department in the aftermath of the president’s shooting. The Texas School Book Depository building was not sealed as a crime scene, and the building was swarmed by reporters, thrill seekers, and tourists creating mayhem. The entire building was never searched. The search of the sixth floor was bungled: No evidence was photographed as found, most was marred with the fingerprints of police handlers, and the legally required “chain of evidence,” documentation of strict evidence control was willfully violated.

Likewise, LBJ’s relationship with Secret Service Director John Rowley is also underestimated by many of those examining the JFK murder. They both served in the National Youth Administration under Roosevelt and were friends beginning in the ’40s. There is no other way to explain the serious lapses in Secret Service protocol during Kennedy’s trip to Dallas on November 22, 1963. The 120-degree turn to get to Dealey Plaza where the president’s limousine would drop below 40 MPH was against all Secret Service mandates. Agents were directed not to ride on the limousine bumper; the two agents normally assigned to walk beside the car at the rear axle were called off. A stunning and widely available Internet video shows agents being pulled from their normal positions by superiors. It is quite simple to conclude that Rowley was in Johnson’s pocket.

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