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The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth

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by Morley Evans

Don't forget LBJ, the psychopathic serial murderer.

Cui Bono? On November 21, 1963, LBJ (Uncle Cornpone) was days away from destruction and incarceration by the Kennedy brothers. Attorney General Robert Kennedy had the goods on him. On November 22, 1963, LBJ magically became the POTUS when John F. Kennedy was ambushed in Dealey Plaza in Dallas.

Lyndon Baines Johnson began his career in Washington as a congressional secretary in 1931. He served in the House of Representatives (1937 to 1949?) and the Senate (1948 to 1960). LBJ was Leader of the Senate Minority (1953 to 1955) and Leader of the Senate Majority (1955 to 1960). LBJ was the Vice President (1960 to 1963). During those 32 years, Lyndon Baines Johnson, who started with nothing, amassed almost $100 million (more than $765 million in today's dollars) and acquired the connections and power to organize the assassination to move up to the top, Mafia-style.

As the President of the United States (1963 to 1969), LBJ had supreme power to engineer the cover-up, the centerpiece of which was the President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy, AKA "The Warren Commission". The Commission was unprecedented in history. LBJ appointed all the members and controlled the proceedings. The prime suspect got to investigate his own crime — a miscarriage which is a crime on its face.

Others who benefitted were: J. Edgar Hoover — LBJ's neighbour and confidant for 20 years — who got to be Director of the FBI for life; the Mafia which got rid of Robert Kennedy; The Joint Chiefs of Staff which got war; the Secret Service which got rid of a "commie traitor"; the Ku Klux Klan which got rid of a "liberal"; the Texas business cabal — which included Texas Big Oil (including H.L. Hunt and Clint Murchison) and Texas war contractors General Dynamics, Brown and Root, Halliburton, and Bell Helicopters) who made billions. Factions within the CIA which is "a conspiracy unto itself" got the war in Vietnam; Cuban exiles in Florida got revenge for the Bay of Pigs fiasco; and Israel got the Six Day War, nuclear weapons, and unending and inexhaustible U.S. military, intelligence, propaganda, financial, and diplomatic support. Israel would start getting as much U.S. foreign aid as all others combined. Best of all, for them, with this official U.S. government endorsement, the Zionist project on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean would receive the financial and moral backing of the Jewish American community whose support had been lukewarm up to then. As a bone of contention in the Arab world, Israel with its paranoiac ideology and belligerent policies is good for business — if one's business is munitions and war (which has been relabeled "defense" since 1945 because everyone is against war).

The shooters were probably not Americans. Assassinating the President would run against the grain of most Americans who have been schooled from birth to admire the President of the United States.  They may have come from the Corsican Mafia, as some investigators believe, or they may have been Israelis who are schooled from birth to owe their highest allegiance to Israel and its defense. Kennedy sought peace in the Middle East, talked to Nasser and refused to give Ben Gurion nuclear weapons. Others could have done the job, but Israel specializes in assassination by snipers. Israel even uses snipers for crowd control. As the biggest beneficiary after LBJ, one would pick Israel as the source of the shooters who would not have been free-lancers if they were Israelis. Whoever the shooters were, they were almost certainly quietly killed shortly after the assassination. As every pirate knows, dead men tell no tales. They would have gone to their just deserts. Money would be no incentive for people who know they would not live to spend it. Ideology would. People "die for their country" every day.

Whoever the shooters were, LBJ was bought by billionaire supporters of Israel, just as Truman had been bought before Johnson. It was LBJ who put Israel on the gravy train. Why would the Mafia choose Israel of all places for high-quality foreign assassins? There are many there and the Mafia has always had direct connections with Israel through Jewish Mafiosi like Bugsy Siegel and Meyer Lansky who were partners and life-long friends of Lucky Luciano. The three friends were tutored by Arnold Rothstein who invented the prohibition era rackets and suggested that gangs co-operate rather than fight each other. Lepke Buchalter's and then Albert Anastasia's "Murder Incorporated" mostly used Jewish assassins. The Mafia (in the person of Carlos Marcello) had approval of mob bosses in Chicago and New York. The Mafia would have recruited the shooters and Jack Ruby (Jacob Rubenstein) who had been ordered to kill the scapegoat. Ruby was reluctant. He had several opportunities before he finally shot Oswald in the basement parkade of the Dallas Police Station. Ruby was under extreme pressure. Ruby, a small-time hoodlum who ran a strip club that was favoured by many members of the DPD (who enjoyed food, girls, and free drinks courtesy of Ruby), had surprised the local Rabbi by turning up to pray — before the assassination — at the Dallas Synagogue where he had seldom gone before.

The CIA would have managed the patsy, Lee Harvey Oswald, who, in all likelihood, never fired a shot or knew anything about the conspiracy to kill Kennedy. He had been prepared over the years to take the fall for something, sometime. Oswald was seen within minutes of the shooting by several witnesses — including a cop — sitting in the lunch room on the 2nd floor, sipping a soda. Before someone told the cops Oswald was the assassination suspect, according to the Dallas Police Department, Oswald walked out the front door of the Texas School Book Depository through a swarm of cops to board a bus to go to his rooming house. The Dallas Police Department then cracked the case in record time. Oswald was arrested 70 minutes after the assassination. "Oswald entered the Texas Theatre shortly after 1:30 p.m. without paying for a ticket, ostensibly to avoid police. They [the DPD] were later informed by the assistant manager that a man had entered the theater without paying." Oswald was not charged with failing to buy a ticket to watch the movie. He was arrested by four officers and was charged with murdering Officer Tippit and assassinating the President of the United States. How did the Dallas Police Department arrive at that conclusion? Who was Officer Tippit and why was he sent "to remain at large" in Oswald's neighborhood? Who killed him? 

After Oswald allegedly shot dead Dallas police officer J. D. Tippit, he was taken into police custody and within hours was named the lone assassin.
Stone, Roger (2013-11-01). The Man Who Killed Kennedy (Kindle Locations 3551-3552). Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

Without having a clue, how would the Dallas Police Department have known Oswald was a suspect? Oswald was arrested first. Evidence was found later. The intrepid sleuths of the Dallas Police Department had failed to solve the attempted murder of General Edwin Walker on April 10, 1963. It was an unsolved case until the FBI managed to pin it on Lee Harvey Oswald ten months later by pressuring Oswald's wife, a Russian who spoke no English.

The Texas Connection (pages 46 and 47) states: "While the [Warren] Commission went to desperate lengths to prove that Oswald killed Kennedy with the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle, it in fact proved the contrary." The Commission proved the Mannlicher-Carcano "sniper's rifle" could not have been the weapon used to kill JFK.*

Johnson was a master of planning and getting what he wanted from people who were not inclined to co-operate. He was famous for the "Johnson treatment" of intimidation. Johnson may have hatched his scheme to become the President the night he lost the nomination to John F. Kennedy at the Democratic convention in 1960. Or he may have been planning for years to be "a heartbeat away" from the Presidency. Johnson was powerful in Texas and Washington, but he had no national base and little chance of being elected. His chances of being elected, however, would be good after he became the President. Like Hoover, Johnson used blackmail. Like AIPAC today, Johnson took control of Congress by ensuring Members would do what he wanted or they would not get re-elected.

Temptations are many in Washington and Members of Congress leave themselves wide open to be blackmailed by people who know how to do it. The Kennedys reckless behaviour is not unique. Johnson, himself, was at least as promiscuous as the Kennedys. Members of Congress become millionaires on a civil service income. How? Johnson used blackmail to become the Leader of the Senate Majority, the second most powerful man after the President. Johnson used blackmail to get on the Democratic ticket in 1960. Everyone on the list in paragraph four above, however, would have been more than happy to co-operate and keep quiet — with the Kennedys gone they all got what they wanted. The "free press" got to yammer on for fifty years about the tragedy and the unsolvable "crime of the century" — writing off as a kook anyone who deviated from LBJ's official explanation. This is only one example of how the "free press" plays everyone for a fool — and always has.

Until The Texas Connection was published a few years ago, no one dared to name LBJ as the ring leader. LBJ was protected by the deification that surrounds the POTUS. Fear has also protected the conspirators. People who know too much are killed. Fifty years later, most of the conspirators are dead themselves, and people like me, who don't have any first-hand knowledge, are merely pissing into the wind with their opinions after connecting dots.


Lyndon Baines Johnson knew how to use power, but Washington's power will soon be gone. Power ineluctably is shifting away from the United States. LBJ was miserable in his retirement and he will now be burning in Hell forever, one hopes.

The people running the game did not want it changed. The Kennedy brothers tried to change the game but they underestimated their opponents' power while they overestimated their own power. Evil seems omnipotent but, currently, an anonymous girl living in a company dormitory and working for a few Yuan in some Foxconn factory somewhere in China or Taiwan, a shopper at Walmart somewhere and millions like them are the people who are changing the world — not the rich and powerful. "The most powerful military the world has ever known," is powerless to change this and things are worse than that from Washington's perspective: The U.S. dollar is in the toilet — put there by the Federal Reserve System, Wall Street, Big Business and the U.S. government — waiting to be flushed. When that happens, everything will change. Everyone will be affected, worldwide.

After looking at the record, one must conclude that Washington cannot be reformed and that Americans must put as much distance between themselves and Washington as Germans have put between themselves and the Nazis. Americans must restore the American dream which inspires everyone, friend and foe alike.

Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth, Matthew 5:5.
No person or group planned the downfall of Washington and its empire this way. Downfall will come by people who have pounded their swords into ploughshares and sold them at low low prices, driving Washington's tax slaves out of business. Greed and universal rottenness also proved to be major contributing factors. All military means for over two hundred years have failed to stop the Juggernaut on the Potomac from taking over the world, which is its historic mission. Of course most who believed Washington's story (like me) believed Washington was saving the world. People and groups loyal to Washington have been trying to prevent Washington's demise for decades, to no avail. Is that not amazing?


* The Texas Connection is full of facts that completely destroy the official version of the JFK assassination. This is one of the best:

While the Commission went to desperate lengths to prove that Oswald killed Kennedy with the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle it in fact proved the contrary. On November 27, 1963 the F.B.I. conducted the initial series of rifle tests with the alleged assassination weapon. As part of the tests the F.B.I. determined that because Kennedy was moving away in the limousine, Oswald had at most 5.6 seconds to fire the three shots that allegedly killed him [JFK]. This time range conclusion was based on observations from Oswald's alleged vantage point on the southwest corner of the 6th floor in the Texas School Book Depository in comparison to films and photographs of the murder. It was established that Oswald's vision of the target was blocked for a time by a large tree. As a result, while the motorcade did travel for almost a fulI block on Elm Street in front of Oswald, from Oswald's position it was agreed that he had less than 6 full seconds to fire the three shots at the target when it was in view. To prove that this was possible and that Oswald was the lone assassin, the F.B.I. started out by having three master marksmen using Oswald's rifle rapidly fire a series of 3 shots at stationary targets located only 45 feet away. The three experts each fired 3 shots within 9 seconds, 8 seconds and 6 seconds, respectively. In this test none of the marksmen were physically capable of firing the three rounds within the 5.6 second requirement. Also, not surprisingly, all of the marksmen's shots were high and to the right, missing the stationary targets located only 45 feet away.

Because these tests did not support the lone assassin conclusion, the F.B.I. was required to conduct another test on March 16, 1964. However, on this occasion only the best of the three original marksmen was used (Robert Frazier with a previous best time of 6 seconds). In this test Frazier was required to fire a series of 3 shots at a stationary target 300 feet away. On this occasion Frazier's times for each of the 3 shot test series were 5.9 seconds, 6.2 seconds, and 6.5 seconds. Again, the expert failed to match Oswald's alleged time of 5.6 seconds, and again all of the shots were high and to the right of the intended target. Thus, "the best of the best marksmen" still could not help the Commission support the lone assassin theory.

Not giving up, on March 27, 1964 a third test was arranged. This test was conducted by the U.S. Army Ballistic Research Laboratory using three new marksmen again firing at stationary targets. Again, only one of the three experts was capable of firing three shots close to the required time limit. However, continuing its efforts to prove the impossible was possible, the Commission allowed the new marksmen to use a gun rest, and to take as much time as they needed to line up their first shot at the stationary target (which Oswald could not do because the Kennedy limousine was emerging from trees). But even with these altered test conditions the marksmen again failed.

Ignoring the three scientific tests which proved that it was impossible for Oswald to have been a lone assassin, [or hit the target with the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle] the Commission solved the problem on paper rather than on the rifle range.

You must keep in mind that the main purpose of the "Warren Commission" — which should properly be called "The LBJ Commission" — was to cover up the crime and protect the perpetrators.

Coming soon: Nixon and Watergate

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