Sunday, December 22, 2013

Forgotten Evidence: JFK Conspiracy

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posted by Morley Evans

Who Killed John Fitzgerald Kennedy? Fifty years after the crime, we know. There is a mountain of evidence that breaks the back of the cover-up. Forgotten Evidence is an excellent compilation.

Please keep in mind that the assassination of JFK, MLK, and RFK ensured that the people who had been running things in Washington would continue running things. Nothing changed. Washington's owners, include, but are not limited to, the Pentagon (Army, Navy, Airforce, and Marines), the CIA (and the other fifteen American intelligence services), the FBI (and the empire of law enforcement), Organized Crime (which is a full member of the establishment), government contractors (which siphon off billions), and Wall Street and the Federal Reserve System (which run the world's money systems). These all remain in business today operating the successor to the War on Communism (that was called the Cold War). America's never-ending war is now called the War on Terror. (They had to resurrect the Crusades and the Caliphate because they ran out of enemies when the USSR evaporated and the People's Republic of China when into business.) The United States has constantly been at war since 1776. It has never disarmed and never been at peace and never lost sight of its ultimate goal, total world domination. Peace cannot be an option if one's business is war. Duhmockricy is a farce. If you are not a top general or a billionaire, you have no control over what happens and you do not matter to the people who do control what happens. The President Of The United States (the POTUS) works for them, not you, so do your elected representatives. If they forget that, too bad.

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Part of the continuing story that you know nothing about: Guantanamo

Can this country, the United States of America, really be the "Leader of the Free World?" You must be kidding! If people understood how things really are, there would be a revolution tomorrow morning. Henry Ford and Richard Nixon both said that. They both knew the truth. Do you?


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