Friday, December 29, 2017


© MMXVII V.1.0.2
by Morley Evans

Alina (Алина)

NEW YEAR'S EVE (DEC 31ST) IS THE NIGHT I want to take you to a gala ball, my love. 

Dining tables surround the dance floor of the Grand Ballroom. There is an orchestra playing romantic Stauss waltzes. Liveried waiters serve a sumptuous repast. Wine stewards pour French champaign. Men wear white tie and tails. The ball is very formal. Women are wearing gorgeous evening gowns. They are beautifully coiffed. You are dripping with sexuality. I will enjoy your delights when we return to our hotel room. You are in heaven. We dine and dance. I am happier than any man deserves to be.

As the hour nears midnight, everyone counts down to zero. At the stroke of midnight, a bell rings. Everyone cheers. The evil, worn-out 2017 is gone. Good riddance! The New Year is a fresh babe, pure and good. Fireworks explode in the black sky outside. We, very privileged revellers, watch the night sky light up from the large balcony outside the ballroom. 

The balcony floor is heated and snow-free even on the coldest winter nights. It is cold tonight. We are warm in our wraps. Every church bell in the city rings. People can be heard singing everywhere. Every person of every faith is at peace on this blessed night. Spirits soar. We embrace. We kiss. We pray this will not end. It might, of course. We know about Karma.

After a few more dances, we retire to our hotel room. I slowly undress you, delicately handling your expensive gown. You undress me. We kiss and sleep in each other's arms between crisp cotton sheets under a thick feather tick. In the morning, our celebration continues to inaugurate the New Year 2018. 

Coffee and breakfast are served in our room when we call.


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