Wednesday, December 6, 2017


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by Morley Evans


Ekaterina, my Katya, lives in Kiev. She was surprised when a dentist ignored her friend when her friend warned the doctor that she was allergic to anaesthesia. Katya thought this was unusual. I had to tell Katya that it is exactly the same here in Canada, in the USA, in Australia and New Zealand. I haven't read reports in every country in the world, of course. But my guess is that it is the same in every country where Western Medicine is practised. Of course, it would be.

"But it is very sad that such physicians as this, nothing can be done in my country. Nowhere to complain. No who to contact that this doctor was suspended from practice. It's not right."

It's not right. Nothing can be done about a bad doctor. Good doctors cover up for bad doctors. So, they are all bad. They convict themselves. My friend, Julia Brezhnev, thought things had been better in the Soviet Union and were better today in Soviet-style clinics where "doctors work long hours for low pay. Not so in western-style clinics." Julia was an idealistic medical student.

Most young people are idealistic when they enter medical school. They want to heal the sick. Some are only in it for the money. Those students go to the head of the class. The youngsters who cannot be broken by the training are weeded out. Obedience and loyalty are the main lessons taught in medical schools. Only those students like Katya's friend's dentist graduate. That's how it is, sad to say. Medical schools are the same as dental schools. They are the same as military boot camps. Good physicians are hard to find.

If Katya's friend had died, they would have covered it up. That's how it is. "Medical Ethics" will be an oxymoron until good doctors denounce bad doctors and start defending patients. Until then, medicine will continue to be a racket.

Dear Morley

Kisses for you, my darling Morley !
how are you my dear?? How's your morning?? I hope well?? You Wake up with good mood?? how's the weather there??
My dear, I Wake up with good mood because I think of you and you're always in my dreams! Thank you, my dear because you come in my dreams hehe
My morning started very quickly and news haha why?? because I forgot to turn off my phone and my girlfriend called me and woke me up. she was very impulsive, outraged and wanted the morning to share with me her morning trip to the dentist in a modern European clinic. I too was shocked by her early morning call, but she wouldn't even let me insert at least one word in her emotional monologue. I am very much not like when she do that, she even not asked, I can sleep, or maybe I'm doing something. No. Her not to worry about it. and I told her about it, but it was useless. She is just such a person. It's too late to re-educate her and teach manners and rules of morality.
So, she told me how she visited the dentist today and had a fight there in the morning. I understood her condition.
The fact that she very badly to the effect of anesthesia. And for her need a very small dose of anesthesia. If the dose is as usual necessary for an adult person, her will be bad and it can even lead to death. That's what she was trying to explain to the dentist who wanted her to stab a syringe full anesthesia. And she asked him to stab her for only a third of the syringe. This doctor nagami her and said that she taught him how to do his job. It's certainly a strange reaction to the doctor, I agree with my girlfriend. I don't understand why her doctor not to want to enter first, a little dose of anesthesia and to see the reaction my girlfriend. And the more she warned him about her bad reaction to the anesthesia.
In General, she argued with him. He certainly has done her tooth. But I not understand why the doctor is acting this way. Excess dose of anesthesia could give him a lot of problems, if my girlfriend something happened. That surprises me. This rudeness. I wonder, in your country also a doctor to treat thus patients?? Or in your country the doctors listen to what the patient says??
I supported my girlfriend and tried to calm her. But it is very sad that such physicians as this, nothing can be done in my country. Nowhere to complain. No who to contact that this doctor was suspended from practice. It's not right.
I hope that in your country the doctors more closely to patients and you're safe, honey. Because I care about you and I not want that with you something happened. I wish the best for you.
And so began my day. Hehe morning begins not with coffee hahaha I have to get ready for work, my dear! I hope to hear from you today. You're always in my dreams and thoughts. I miss you very much!
Wish me a nice day, honey!
Hugs and kisses for you, my knight!
Forever yours

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