Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cholesterol Hoax

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"Cholesterol" is a hoax.

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This is my case:

I took Zocor for 76 months. From the first day, I suffered from every symptom Merck lists in its product monographs, and some that do not appear, such as mental incapacity. My doctor (John N. Alport) lied to me and ignored my complaints for 48 months but he did double the dose and prescribe an antidepressant. Alport also engaged my pharmacist, Dean Ast, in a scheme to conceal evidence. After a second doctor (J.S. McMillan, M.D.) had diagnosed me with chronic pain (fibromyalgia), Alport prescribed pain killers and more antidepressants for the next 28 months. During that period, I had over a hundred referrals for pain after Alport admitted I was in pain. Then, I stopped taking Zocor and all other medication for 21 months after a prolotherapy treatment by a third doctor. (F.T. Cenaiko, M.D.) I recovered only partially but I was much better thanks to him. Next, a fourth doctor (F. C. Annandale, M.D.) prescribed Lipitor after he bought Alport's practice and acquired me as a patient. My symptoms returned. Like Alport, Annandale laughed off my complaints of pain. Four months later I was in a coma. It has taken me OVER FIFTEEN YEARS to recover from what John N. Alport began in January 1992 to start my new year — and my new life as a "disabled person".

Today, I am doing great, thanks to proper diet, exercise, the right supplements, and many good people who helped me (including over 30 doctors, pharmacists, herbalists and therapists). I may live another sixty years. My cholesterol is 365 (9.5). Everything else (blood pressure, homocysteine, clotting factor, family history, etc.) is better than normal, as it was all along. The Wrath of God should descend on the pharmaceutical companies who are selling statin drugs and smite their accomplices in the medical profession who prescribe this poison. Medical oversight should do something about nitwits, numbskulls and nincompoops like John N. Alport. Unsuited to practice "family medicine", Alport now goes to court to pursue his career as a professional liar so insurance companies like SGI can weasel out of their obligations. Honest people know what to think about them and about the courts in Saskatchewan which are a farce.

Unfortunately, knuckleheads and criminals are protected in Canada by the outlaw CMPA and organized medicine — these people are just like the Mafia, only they are worse because they are the Establishment.


Cholesterol is an essential part of your body. It makes strong the wall of every cell in your body (including muscles, nerves, joints, blood vessels, brain). Your cells break down without cholesterol. (Rhabdomyolysis) Cholesterol in your blood has nothing to do with so-called "plaque" that may be found within the wall structure of your arteries (arteriosclerosis). Eliminating cholesterol in your blood will not remove that "plaque" (if it exists) or provide any other benefits, except for enriching some pharmaceutical company. Reducing your cholesterol will not prevent heart attacks or save your life. Tell your doctor, "No thanks," or just ignore him if he gets pushy. Find another doctor. Look for other ways to become healthier.

These were my symptoms:

Coming soon: How I Recovered and What I learned.

Medical Timeline GRAPHIC:

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