Saturday, November 6, 2010

Stalin Is Proud

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by Morley Evans

Stalin is proud of the Omar Khadr Show Trial. Stalin is proud of Cheney, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, the Pentagon, the CIA and the United States with its allies in the Free World.

Stalin knew that the "Free World" is just another name for what George Orwell called "Oceania" in his novel 1984.

The Free World was merely a post war competitor of the Soviet Union for world domination. Today, after having won, the Free World is being transformed into the Soviet Union. Stalin won and he is smiling in Hell.

Here is an excellent article in the National Post about the Show Trial of Omar Khadr.

Everything that Oceania does is okay with Canada's Prime Minister, Steven Harper and his gang of sycophants and stooges. It is not all right with me and neither is Steven Harper, or Stalin and the communists who are with him in Hell or who are still roaming the earth.

Like Stalin and Harper, Hitler is happy with Oceania's progress too.

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