Monday, November 1, 2010

Cancer Treatment

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by Morley Evans

Cancer is a very serious disease for which there seems to be no cure. People tiptoe around the subject. They are afraid for good reason. Cancer today may be the number one killer, edging out cardiovascular disease for top position.

Cancer was not unknown in the past, but it was not as common as now. Its prevalence has increased with sedentary lifestyles and modern innovations, especially chemicals, radiation and sugar consumption.

The number one cause of cancer, it is well established and accepted, is radiation. The number one source of radiation is medical treatment such as X-rays. Madame Curie pioneered radiation research. Radiation was then thought to offer a cure for neoplasms (cancer). How was that supposed to work?

Madame Curie died of cancer. She was killed by radiation. Her papers today are so radioactive they are stored in lead boxes. Pierre Curie, her husband, was run down by a carriage and killed. Autopsy revealed he was also loaded with cancer which would have killed him too.

Yet radiation has always been a mainstay of cancer treatment. This is hard to understand. Treatment follows this pattern: radiation shrinks tumors; cancer is declared gone; a few months later, cancer returns and the patient dies. I personally know of more than a dozen cases like this, including my father.

No one ever seems to make the connection between radiation and cancer. Why not? Is it because cancer treatment and research are multi-billion dollar rackets? Could be. Some physicians claim sugar is the cause of most of the diseases which plague modern man, especially CVD and cancer. These diseases were unknown in populations with no sugar in their diets. They began to appear in the more affluent populations that were able to buy and consume sugar.

Why don't you try eliminating sugar from your diet and try getting some exercise? You could add JuicePLUS+ too to provide the nutrition your body needs but likely does not get. More on that later.

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