Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Promoting Homosexuality

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by Morley Evans

The campaign to destroy us is well under way as this item illustrates. Why is homosexuality being promoted? It is easier to control people if the basic social unit, the family, is destroyed: have sex not children; men have sex with men, women have sex with women, and women are promoted to replace men as the managers of humanity for the owners of humanity. Who are they? Don't worry, if you have to ask you aren't one of them. Where does that leave you? Sounds like Huxley. Sounds like the NWO. It is all packaged as "human rights" and "liberation".


Last week, the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board announced it plans a detailed survey of its student body, from junior kindergarten up to high school seniors. For younger children (up to Grade 6), the parents will answer the survey and children in Grade 7 and above will answer the survey themselves. The surveys, which will ask about things like home life, religion, ethnic background, gender and sexual orientation, are intended to help the school board make better decisions about the programs it offers and about the allocation of resources.

Public opinion on the survey is divided. On the one hand, some parents feel like the school board is prying too much into their private lives and are concerned the privacy of students and their families will not be sufficiently safeguarded. On the other hand, a lot of people are extremely pleased the school board is not only pretending to recognize diversity, but that it is actually making a very inclusive attempt to better understand how diverse its student body is in order to better improve services.

According to the Ottawa District School Board's page on the 2010 OCDSB Student Survey:

Research tells us that student learning is affected by issues of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, language and culture of origin, socio-economic status, instructional practice and parental engagement. The combination of these factors can have a significant impact on a student, on a school and/or on a district. If we want to align our instructional practice with student needs, then we must understand our student needs.

A recent national survey on homophobia in Canadian schools reported that “the lack of solid Canadian evidence has been a major impediment faced by educators who need to understand the situation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning students in order to respond”. (2009 Canadian Climate Survey on Homophobia) We want everyone to feel safe in our schools and to do that, we need to know who doesn’t feel safe and why.

Unlike many other surveys, the questions do not assume everyone fits neatly into mainstream traditional boxes, nor does it relegate those who don't to an "other" box. The question on gender, for example, provides the following options: male, female, transgender, prefer not to disclose. The question on who the student's main caregivers are provide a wide variety of options recognizing same-sex couples, shared custody, step-parents, foster parents, and more. The question for students in Grade 7 and above on sexual orientation, which is perhaps one of the more controversial, gives these choices (students can choose more than one):

• Bisexual
• Gay (male)
• Heterosexual (straight)
• Lesbian (female)
• Queer
• Questioning
• Transsexual
• Two-spirited
• Prefer not to disclose

The full set of questions for the surveys are available online:

Kindergarten to Grade 6 Survey
Grade 7 to 12 Survey

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