Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's Your World, Hillary

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by Morley Evans

When Wikileaks dumped 250,000 back stage documents for everyone to see, Secretary of State Madam Clinton (the witch) sputtered, "It's an attack on the United States! It's an attack on the world!" Yes it is, Hillary. It is an attack on your world. Too bad, for you. Now, everyone can see more than what you put on the stage.

Three cheers for the Internet! Three cheers for Wikileaks! And don't forget to thank the U.S. Army for creating the Internet! "One never knows who one will have to thank," Morley Evans.

The first item leaked by Wikileaks is a video of the murder of people in Baghdad by the friendly folks of the United States Army. It makes one wonder just what kind of "heroes" the invaders really are. Are they agents of Satan? Are they helping to rebuild Iraq? Do we want them back here wearing civilian costumes and walking around with the rest of us now that they have been turned into psychopaths? You decide:

Why don't the people who are shot up by the Apache crew seem to be aware of the helicopter? Are they deaf? Is the Apache silent? No. The Apache M230 chain gun has an effective range of almost a mile and a maximum range of 2.8 miles. The Apache gunner can zero in on his victims telescopically and kill people from far away who are in the cross hairs of his chain gun sight.
The Apache's victims are defenseless as you can see. It's even better at night when we can see them but they cannot see us. This is only one of the ways freedom is defended by our heroes. Operators in Nevada fly Predators in Afghanistan and kill people on the other side of the world! Yes indeedy. It's like shooting fish in a barrel. They are keeping us safe, our heroes. Doesn't that make you proud?

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