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by Morley Evans

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

When They Killed JFK They Killed America

 Paul Craig Roberts

Unlike most presidents, Kennedy was able to break with the conventional thinking of the time. 

From his experience with the Bay of Pigs, Cuban Missile Crisis, and the Joint Chiefs’ “Operaton Northwoods,” Kennedy concluded that CIA Director Allen Dulles and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Lemnitzer were both crazed by anti-communism and were a danger to Americans and the world.

Morley Evans's notes:

Imagine what the world would look like if Kennedy had not been murdered: No Cold War, No Vietnam War, No CIA, No LBJ, a civil society at home, a friendly world working to build the brotherhood of man, No AIPAC, No Sheldon Allison, No Israeli nukes, No Israeli settlements, No Netanyahu, No Watergate, No Middle East bloodbath, No U.S. empire, No multi trillion-dollar deficit. The mind boggles.

The Kennedy brothers, John and Robert, had no friends in Washington. Involved in the assassination were the FBI (J. Edgar Hoover), the CIA , the Pentagon, the Dallas Police Department, the Dallas County Sheriff, and Lyndon Baines Johnson, the Vice President, who coordinated the operation. I haven't seen evidence yet that the Texas Rangers were involved. That remains to be seen.

The only people we can be sure were not involved were Governor Connally, his wife, Jacqueline Kennedy and John Fitzgerald Kennedy, himself.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff provide a piece in the puzzle.


The Magic Bullet:
Governor Connally turns to his right to look into the back seat. His right hand is holding his Stetson. Kennedy has already been hit by a bullet that exited his throat.
On the Zapruder film we can see that Governor Connally switched his Stetson from his left hand to his right hand as he turned to his right to look into the back seat. The bullet exiting Kennedy's neck did not shatter Connally's right wrist. Period. Another bullet did that a moment later. Then another bullet from the front was the fatal headshot (frame 313).
The Magic Bullet found on a stretcher at Parkside Hospital in Dallas was completely undamaged, yet it is claimed to have killed Kennedy and wounded Connally.


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