Monday, May 23, 2016


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by Morley Evans

What if:

1). Washington had established itself as the Dictator of America with the Civil War by denying the Confederate States their right to secede from the Union? That right was established by the United States Constitution. 

2). slavery was only a pretext for a war that was launched to save the Union and to establish Washington's dictatorship?

3). the Northern States had only been used by Washington to save the Union and establish Washington's dictatorship? The Union States fought and died to subjugate themselves!

4). the northern New Mexico Territorial line extended to the Pacific Ocean to include southern California? Why, then the Confederate States of America would have comprised half of what is now the lower 48. (Chihuahua, Sonora and the California peninsula are part of Mexico today.) 

Washington's plans for world hegemony would certainly have been compromised had the Confederate States of America been successful. Did Washington have such plans? 

A civil war is fought to decide which party will control the state. The Confederacy was not fighting to control the state. The Confederate States merely wanted to leave the Union which they had every right to do by the Constitution they had ratified in 1788.

Washington has never kept any treaty it has signed. This is the most important example. The Constitution was radically altered by the Civil War. This illustrates what Washington is and what it is not.

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