Friday, May 20, 2016


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by Morley Evans

Yes indeedy, NATO is working incessantly to do Washington's dirty work. Here's the scoop.

NATO Plans More Anti-Russia Moves After Finalizing Latest Build-Up

Foreign Ministers Put Finishing Touches on Largest Post Cold War Build-Up

by Jason Ditz, May 19, 2016
The ink isn’t even dry on the latest moves by the alliance’s foreign ministers to finalize the current anti-Russia military build-up, the largest since the Cold War ended, and officials are already openly talking about doing “more” to target Russia along their frontier.
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told reporters today that discussions are ongoing on how NATO can “project stability” around its borders, language which in the last few years has always boiled down to putting more troops on the Russian borders, and issuing more statements predicting an imminent Russian attack on Europe.
US Ambassador Douglas Lute said the plan is for a “very sober discussion on dealing with Russia,” insisting Russia has “thrown out the rulebook” and NATO has to respond. Lute is seen as loudly advocating more military buildups around Europe to target Russia.
And while there was some talk among European members about targeting ISIS in Libya at the ongoing NATO meetings, materially everything that was agreed to, including future talks in Warsaw, were about targeting Russia more aggressively. Even the decision to invite tiny Montenegro to the alliance was seen primarily as being about thumbing their nose at Russia for criticizing the continued expansion of NATO deeper into Warsaw Pact territory.
The only peace Washington has in mind for the world is complete surrender to Washington. Do you remember the phrase "Unconditional Surrender?" Those are the only terms Washington has ever offered anyone. You can look it up. Any treaty Washington has made with anyone, Washington has broken. You can look that up too.

A survey of history reveals the United States of America as a patient and resourceful agent of evil, working tirelessly for centuries to establish a global dicatorship — while masquerading as the saviour of mankind. Will all soon kowtow and grovel before the POTUS? The corruption and moral squalor that is Washington leads the world with an iron rod. It's a frightening thought. This is not what the Founders had in mind. Or is it? Poor us.

I wonder what Washington would think if Russia set up nuclear weapons along the Canada/US border, in Mexico or in Cuba? What would Washington do if Russian submarine missile launchers patrolled on the American west coast, the Atlantic coast and the Caribbean? How about missile cruisers on Lake Superior? Would Washington feel threatened if Russia started peeling away Texas, Montana and other portions of Washington's continental empire?

I wonder what would happen if whole sections of Washington's continental empire decided to secede. Has anything like that ever happened before? You'll have to look it up, won't you?


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