Saturday, December 19, 2009

Charles Krauthammer

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Dear Roland,

Thanks for the note on Charles Krauthammer's views on Barack Obama. Please note this:

Along with his many accomplishments (he is so brilliant), Charles Krauthammer is a Zionist. He is a neo-con. He supports The State of "Israel" and its 130-year-long war on the people of Palestine in particular and Muslims in general. Dr. Charles Krauthammer and Dr. Henry Kissinger are peas in a pod who support Republicans, the Bush Administration, the U.S. Empire and its unrelenting lust for total and complete world domination forever. That is why he is on FOX. Everything Krauthammer says about Barack Obama is true. Obama is continuing the Presidency of George W. Bush. (Just as Nixon continued the Presidency of Johnson.) Obama and Bush are peas in a pod. Obama and Bush are front-men for Wall Street and the Pentagon which actually run the U.S. Empire and always have. Obama's biggest financial donor was Goldman Sachs not millions of suckers who contributed nickels and dimes on the Internet. There is no difference between the Republicans and the Democrats. The differences that political commentators like Krauthammer blather about on Sunday morning TV talk shows are for the boobs who think that Presidents like Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon, Johnson and the rest work for them. THEY DON'T. John F. Kennedy forgot who he worked for and we know what happened to him. There is no mystery about the assassination at all.

The mad spending that Krauthammer blames on Obama was started by Bush as were the current wars. Fortunately for all of us, the U.S. Empire is finished along with the U.S. dollar. If we can avoid being incinerated by the madmen in Washington for a little while longer, we can expect a fairly bright future for a long time. "Have faith. Peace on earth and goodwill to men." That has been the message for mankind for thousands of years.

Merry Christmas!

- Morley

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