Sunday, September 9, 2007

A Radical View

Consider this possibility: Is it possible that nothing we are told by our leaders is true? Yes, it is true. It is demonstrably true. Not one word they utter today is true. Not one word they have uttered in the past was true. Should they tell you the time, you had better check to see they haven't stolen your watch. No one is trying to kill us or take away our "freedoms" — except them, our leaders. They promise to make us safe, by enslaving us. They claim we must follow their orders and go out to kill people they have told us are our enemies. Of course, they don't ask us to follow them. No, they will be safe and sound at home counting their money while we are "over there" killing our enemies. Are those people over there our enemies? Or, are we their enemies? Why? Are our leaders at fault because they have deceived us? Or are we at fault because we let them do it?

Radical (comparative more radical, superlative most radical)

Of or pertaining to the root or root cause of the matter.
Thorough going or fundamental.
Favouring fundamental change, or change at the root cause of the matter.

Latin = radix: source, root, foundation.

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